Thingy cuts the Liberal Fat

Its no good. I have forgotten his name again. You know the bloke. Thrusting go-ahead leader of the Liberal party. Or is it the Liberal Democrats? Anyway, Thingy. You know who I mean. Evidently he has been gallantly grappling with his parties financial policies. See Here

That is just in case the Martians land or the sun blinks out and Liberals get elected in a couple of months.

I suppose it is a good thing though. It is positive that even those who will have no real input into the harsh economic decisions that need to be made are facing up to reality. Even the Liberals are getting a grip on the stunningly awful financial difficulties we are in.

Regrettibly our great and benificient leader, still ensconced in No 10 continues to let the country haemorrage wealth while offering a few little bribes along the way. Steve Green has kindly given us a sneak preview of the latest, a free laptop Here

Meanwhile back to Thingy. I am sure his name should have been Brian. Is it is something to do with Nicole? Nicola? Ah-Ha! Its Nick.

And his surname?

Must be Kidman.

Oh no. That was that rather elegant actress in “La Moulin Rouge”. Its something to do with Cloggs. NO! Ereka! Its Clegg.

His Name is Nick Clegg.

Uh, what was the name of his party again?

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