Boiler Scrappage Scheme

Billothewisp gives one cheer to the Labour party for the Boiler Scrappage Scheme.

Getting rid of old inefficient boilers does have a semblance of common sense about. But really they hardly deserve even one cheer for this paltry penny-pinching scheme.

Lets do a spin analysis.

Changing old boilers for a more efficient new ones is a good idea. It will reduce gas consumption and also reduce pollution.

But now comes the crunch.

The government has allocated £50 Million for the whole scheme. Thats 125000 boilers. I am also assuming the admin costs are zero (don't fall about laughing)

In England There are about 3.5 Million old boilers. (see Guardian report here)

So that makes this wonderful scheme cover less than 4% of the boilers needing replacement.

Of course then there are all the rituals and intrusions associated with any form of government grant.

1. Read the rules and regulations.
2. Send off for an application pack
3. Probably wait as they have run out/getting printed/lost you request
4. Try desperately to fill in in the forms
5. Ring the help desk to figure out exactly what information they need. Wait for 20 minutes on hold each time. Help desk is overloaded or theres a system failure etc. etc etc.
6. Repeat item 5 until done or you give up.
7. Get quotes from from approved installers. All of whom will bump up the price when you indicate you need to send the quotes off for scrappage scheme.
8. Send off application and associated quotes. (at last)
9. Wait for approval.
10. Wait for approval.
11. Wait for approval
12. Wait even longer for approval due to a "system error"
13. Finally you phone. Wait 20 minutes to be told you need to send more information.
14. Do you qualify? Maybe go through some appeals process.
15. Find the cheapest installer has now gone bust
16. Try and change installer.
17. Get no reply.
18. Hang on the phone for another 20 minutes listening to Vivaldi.
19. Find out their systems cannot cope with a change of installer after approval.
20. Repeat items 1-19 until either you succeed/give up/commit suicide.

At the end of this shambles you have to pay up front. Then send off for approval. Finally get you certificate for £400.

Now there is another Neanderthal way of doing things.

Being simple creatures, Neanderthals hate form filling. They also rage against having petty pumped up unnecessary bureaucrats intruding into the private life. They hate jumping through assorted hoops for the pleasure and grandeur of the great good and extremely well fed. We despise being conned into providing a spin opportunity for those who so beneficiently rule over us.

This simple Neanderthal would do this instead:

Make all British built A rated boilers VAT zero rated. Job Done.

No need for forms/inquiries/multiplequotes/call handling centres/approval/rejection/etc etc

A new A rated Boiler installation will cost say, between 2000 and 3000. On average say, 2500.

VAT on a £2500 bill at 17.5% = £437.50.

I rest my case.

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