True Believers and Earthquakes

Now our true believers are blaming earthquakes on Global Warming. Not only that, but any other climatic abnormality is also up for grabs. See Green Fudge Post Here

This nonsense does a great disservice to Climate Science. It even maligns the average believer in AGW. But it also highlights what anyone questioning the science is up against. Essentially the science really doesn't matter any more. Now it is faith and conviction.

It might seem somewhat extreme to draw parallels to the Nazi's but the parallel exists. The whole basis of Nazism was a bogus but deeply held conviction of racial superiority. This was in turn was based on an unquestioned and extreme theory of Eugenics. Whether the Nazi's concept of Eugenics had any real scientific basis was totally irrelevant. After Hitler was in power the Science was Settled. The Germans were the Master race.

First of all I do not wish to insult Heidi, the author of the Green Fudge post. I expect she is an otherwise charming and kind person. But her blinkered unquestioning belief in what she has been told concerns me. A willingness to blame anything on Global Warming in order to support your belief is a step on the slippery slope.

Blaming earthquakes and random calamities on Global Warming and then by inference pointing the accusing finger at those who seek to challenge the concept of catastrophic global warming is worryingly reminiscent of how every problem/disaster/crime in Nazi Germany was placed at the feet of the Jews and political dissidents. We all know how that ended.

The Science is Never Settled.
Consensus must always be held up to scrutiny.
Questions must always be asked.
Criticism must always be allowed.
Data must always be available for analysis.

We ignore or forget these truths at our peril.

BBC Thief and Destroyer

I may be getting old and grey. But I still love artistic and technical innovation. Likewise I am always going to hate bloated corporate theft.

You may remember an earlier post praising the innovative radio station “Amazing Radio” Post Here

This small station only broadcasts unsigned musicians. The radio station is innovative and fresh, and so are the artists and the presenters. As with all things, some will be to your taste, other less so. That's what comes from innovation. It is a breathtakingly new approach. Especially when compared to the morally and artistically bankrupt self serving monoculture presented by the BBC.

You can find Amazing Radio on-line Here and also on DAB radio.

Now the ugly BBC has tried to steal the idea. (Guardian article here) This threatens the viability of Amazing radio.

This is not the first time this has happened.

In the broadcasting industry many small production companies have seen their niche overwhelmed by an intrusion by the BBC. The small companies have to make a profit. The BBC has money to burn. This arrogance has, at times, been so outrageous that even the supine BBC Trust has had to haul in the BBC. Although when it suites the BBC, the BBC Trust has simply been ignored. (see Guardian here)

The BBC was set up as a public service. But instead it now acts like the ugliest of corporate companies. It can snuff out any competitors by simply using its huge resources to destroy the competitors financial viability. It wealds massive political and economic control over our nation, where it should have none.

This ugly self serving monster must have its wings clipped. It is laughable to regard this demon as a public service. It is no longer under any form of impartial control and is acting like a state within a state.

The BBC is clearly an enemy of innovative companies like Amazing Radio. But today the mere presence of the BBC is now a major disincentive to new innovative production companies considering setting up in this country. They do not want to risk having their ideas poached by the monster in the wings.

It has now reached such a point that the self serving arrogance of the BBC, backed by its own compulsory poll tax, not only threatens independent innovation but threatens fair and diverse debate as well.

Today the BBC can only be regarded as an enemy of innovation and possibly of democracy itself.

It must be brought to account.

John Redwood: On The Nail

Until now I have never really paid much attention to John Redwood.

But Blimey! The bloke has some breath-takingly incisive comment on his blog.

It is really good to see someone from high office who actually seems to understand the need to actually “make things” here in England.

As a couple of examples:

First off, take this post from last year on the banks versus manufacturing (particularly the motor industry). He asks why should we give huge subsidies to the banks and yet be effectively banned from any form of support for manufacturing? He points out subsidies are generally a bad thing-including banks.

The second post I highlight is a lament for the disinterest most of the political elite have for anything that involves producing goods. See here
For all the fine politicians words about manufacturing, government often does not want industry.

And that really is hitting the nail squarely on the head.

He also gives the banks a good hammering in his recent posts.

Great stuff.

The Falklands: Time to Deal?

I suspect that this post is not going to be too popular. But I believe that the time has come for us to try and negotiate with the Argentinians and hopefully come to an amicable agreement over the the future of the Falkland Islands.

Politicians are the same the world over. Currently the Argentinian government is in trouble. As a result it is playing on the patriotism of the Argentinians and appealing to their sense of injustice over the Falklands. You could easily imagine Brown and his bunch of reprobates doing much the same if they had a chance.

In playing the Malvinas card, the Argentinian government is also attracting support from all the lunatics and psycho's that control much of South America. The ruling elites in Cuba and Venezuela are loving it and are keen to ramp up hostility. See This BBC report

It wrankles most Brits when foreigners start making demands, especially when they are backed by the likes of Castro and Chavez. But we must see the bigger game that the dictators are playing.

They win even if Argentina gets nowhere. They want to destabilise the new democracy on their doorstep. A successful democracy in Buenos Aires must be a real nightmare to the likes of Castro and Chavez. The Cuban and Venezuelan oligarchy are keen to exploit any division that may do down a fair democracy in Argentina. Then maybe they can expand their bankrupt Marxist ideology southward.

While we should never do deals with dictatorships or military juntas, we should always seek to deal with democracies. Even if it means meeting them half way.

A fair and accommodating solution could be found if there was a will to do so on both sides. But negotiation would have to be conducted without the drunken megaphone diplomacy that so pollutes Anglo-Argentinian relations in both directions.

There is potentially a great deal of wealth and resources available in and around the Falklands. Sharing it would cement democracy into Argentina. It would also make extracting that wealth much, much, easier for us as well.

A deal between honest democracies, before the harridans can pollute the agenda would guarantee the Islanders security for a far longer time than the current military solution.

Remember while East Falkland has a population of about 3000, West Falkland is essentially uninhabited. Would it be so terrible to accommodate decent democratic Argentinians with an honest and binding deal? Say splitting the Islands in two?

If we don't, we risk the unthinkable of a conflict between two democracies. If this catastrophe ever did happen you could guarantee Castro and Chavez would be happily gloating at our expense.

English Sour (and Fusion reactors).

Greetings my fellow sour faced cruel little English chums. Just for a moment, desist from sucking those lemons and stop poking the cat with that sharp stick. Read this this tale of woe regarding your non country of England. and fusion technology.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, our grubby little cancelled nation used to lead the world in technology. In association with the real nations surrounding its non borders the lot of humanity was improved and many great deeds were done.

Today things are different. Things are Global. Grubby little Englander projects are despised and insulted. Take this article in the Sunday Times

The article tells us that great leaps forward have been made in fusion technology. Some foolish little Englanders hope to build a fusion reactor at Didcot. This would be a major technological milestone in not just the un-history of our non-nation but would be of massive benefit to the world. But the Department of Energy and Climate Change has put them firmly in their place.

Brace yourself for the full force of their enthusiasm.

“This is something that we would look at as long as it is in the framework of a global project.”

They would look at.

As part of a global project


You may find that disgusting.


But our magnificent leaders have far far better things to spend our taxes on.

  • Well, like bankers bonuses for example.
  • Or first class railway travel, away from the grubby plebieans.
  • Don't forget the foreign aid for corrupt governments.
  • Or the Wars
  • Or the baled out banks (£400 billion wasn't it?)
Remember, that you, a member of the English riff-raff is now subsumed into the Great Global Oneness. Even the Brussels Elite take a back burner. There will be no more grand inventions or technological breakthroughs by this despised dismembered and regionalised non country. Thats official. A firm dead hand is to be applied to ensure that no dirty little Englander ever again gets to push the technological art forward.

Whenever you or your ruffian associates try to up the game, you can just watch the dead hand of of the hidden agenda descend on your craft and aspirations.

No parliament.
No representation.
No investment.
No progress.


You should be.

Now go back to poking the cat. And don't forget to suck those lemons dry.

Eight Million Reasons for Change

The polls have narrowed. The Conservative lead has been cut to 6 points. This would in all probability lead to a hung parliament. So why is this happening?

The issue here is not the dynamism of the Labour party. Irrespective of your political leaning, when you look at the Labour Party, what you see is divided, tired and direction-less. The only thing stopping another coup attempt against Brown is the nearness of the next election. They are currently beyond redemption and really, they are a bit like the proverbial dead man walking.

So why are they closing the gap?

The answer has to be the utterly lack-lustre performance of the Conservative party. They have failed completely to get across anything resembling a coherent set of policies. We have the utterly ludicrous commitment to maintaining the foreign aid budget. They have ring fenced “this” and ring fenced “that” and pandered to every fashionable diatribe imaginable. This is not leadership. It is simply dishing out the weasel words in the hope of election by default.

I am sorry if that sounds harsh.

I really, really, really do not want another five years of the rotting cadaver that is this present government.

But it has to be replaced with something that has something other than platitudes to offer the electorate. The only worthwhile thing so far that they have come up with is the idea of selling off the bank shares in a privatisation style sale.

While Osbourne's idea shows merit, there needs to be a raft of new thinking not just one plank.

If they were short of a few ideas and aspects of this failed government to emphasise they would only need to read the Sunday Times today. See Here.
  • 8 million “economically inactive”
  • 1.7 million new jobs created since 1997. 81% have gone to foreigners.
  • 20% companies now recruit overseas
Now add to that:
  • Stealing Medics from poor countries but cannot offer our own home trained medics jobs beyond their F2 year.
  • 3000 new criminal offences since 1997
  • The greatest divide between rich and poor since the 1930's
  • Open door immigration.
  • Poorly equipped military used to slake Labours thirst for war.
I could go on and on and on.

But all we hear from the Conservative Party is a mumbling set of fashionable greeny feel good statements.

So far Cameron has failed dismally to marshal both his thoughts and his support.

He needs to pull his finger out.

Submerged Optimism and
Ruined Hope

There are times when I really love the output of Labour spin doctors.

Here they are, Labours finest, facing potential oblivion and they still come out with preposterous concepts based on how wonderful they are.

Now they have decreed that the country is bathed in “Submerged Optimism” (see Guardian here)

Oh Joy.

Submerged optimism.

Like Submerged Ocean liner?
Submerged city?
Submerged Island?
Submerged swimmer?

When exactly does submerged turn into drowned? Murdered. Done away with. Ruined.

Lets try the last one. And substitute it in the spin.

“Ruined Optimism”. Oh yes. That sounds much more like the Brown Government.

The other great saviour they are looking to is Barack Obama and his electioneering approach with hard sell telephone polling.

Unfortunately they have forgotten that England is not America, and Gordon Brown is most certainly not Barack Obama

The Problem with True Believers

Today, although it will make no difference to the true believers, "Watts Up With That" have published another rather damning piece on IPCC data.

Anthony Watts is a skeptic, not a denier. There is a very important difference. I wont bother expounding on the difference here. Most non lunatics will know what it is.

Humanity has always had a taste for Catastrophe. There have always been those hyped up on imminent end-of-the-world hysteria. You can try to rationalise with the true believers, but you usually end up being regarded as "the enemy" or as a denier or heretic.

Take a look back through history. You will not be able to count all the victims. There are simply too many.

Lets hope the climate change devotees do not decide that "for the good of humanity" a few car bombs or assasinations will help the cause. I bet some are dreaming about it already.

Far fetched? Just look at the lunatics in Animal Rights, Baader-Meinhoff, Angry Brigade, Shining Path, IRA, UDA etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum, ad infinitum. All with an unshakeable certainty to their moral crusade. All keen to add a little power and meaning to their wretched little lives.

The problem with the true believers is that to them, the science is not only "settled" it is now also unimportant. The important part to the true believers is that the IPCC have justified them doing just about anything to "Save the Planet". Once justified, nothing else then matters.

The lunatics can now freely indulge in a fashionable orgy of bigotry. Even if the CRU came up and publicly changed their minds, it would be too late to stop them now.

You know the chant. "The science is settled". The science is NEVER settled. That is any science not just Climate science. But do not try telling that to the average zealot.

Personally, I suspect that the CRU climatologists have found some data that shows the earth is warming up. One possibility of this, is due to man made CO2. But in order to get attention and the associated finance, they overstated their case. Spiced it up a little, pandered to the nutters.

Now they have the nutters on board and it is going to be very difficult to progress their argument in a scientific manner.

This is all a big shame.

Now that power has been ceded to the lunatics, Climate Science will be damaged for years. Global warming or not, we are all losers

Interesting Times

On Channel 4 News the other night there was a discussion between three financiers regarding the Greek crisis. Two were issuing the usual soothing words about how all would be well with the world, and the Euro will weather the storm.

The other financier made the claim that in Germany, many people are closely examining their high value Euro Notes. Evidently you can identify the country of issue from the serial number.

The Germans are getting picky about whose notes they accept. If it has been issued by the Bundesbank then thats fine. If it has been issued by one of the PIIGs (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece) the notes are refused. The claim was shunned by the others and the discussion quickly moved onto less controversial ground.

You have to ask, how damaged is the Euro?

We live in interesting times:- In the true Chinese meaning of the phrase.

Economists: Cut Deficit NOW!
Brown: Mumble. Mmmmm

According to 20 leading world economists, the Labour party lacks a credible plan to deal with the huge deficit. (See Here)

Well, knock me down with a feather duster.

I thought this was such a strong economy that:

We are in a better position than most of our competitors.

Who was it that said that again? Some weepy Scottish bloke if I remember. Previously referred to here as “The Abyss” mainly due to his financial skills (of which he has none).

So, what are the prospects of someone (anyone) in this government sitting up and saying:

“These blokes think we have got it wrong.”
“They are 20 of the most influential economists in the world. We need to look at this again urgently!”.

Dream On.

The actual response from the Treasury was that it had already outlined a detailed strategy for cutting the deficit.

I do not know.
I must have missed it.

The chances of Gordon Brown and cohorts doing anything to prevent further financial haemorrhage before the next election is nil. The chances of them doing anything with any sense of urgency even after winning an election is pretty low. Basically all the options left to recover the economy are going to affect their sacred cows and their power base.

We are already barrelling down the same road as the PIIGs (Portugal, Ireland, Italy & Greece). If Labour got re-elected then this would simply continue. But unlike the PIIGs, we would not have the Germans to dig us out of the shite.

The BBC Licence Fee and Injustice

The other night a BBC presenter was interviewing one of the three Labour Party crooks who have been charged with false accounting. He retaliated to her questioning by asking how much she earned. The lady grandly announced that she earned a sum in excess of £90,000.

She was not a particularly well known presenter.

We hear today Here that nearly 400 BBC employees are being paid in excess of 100,000 a year. Of these, 58 earn more than the Prime Minister (£196,000). Of course all of these individuals will be on what can only be described as excellent pension, sickness and holiday allowances. Don't forget this is nothing to do with the so called “talent” who are paid even more.

While this may be shocking, excessive pay is not the problem with the BBC. It is simply one of the symptoms of a much more serious malaise.

Each year the BBC is guaranteed £3.8 billion to spend roughly how it likes. As we all know, most of this money is raised by what amounts to a poll tax on televisions. A single mum living in a bedsit pays the same a multi-millionaire.

The BBC aggressively and proudly defends what it declares is its independence. I would argue that what the BBC actually defends is its own position. If anything threatens their cosy guaranteed tax income they will pour on the pressure and vilification until the threat is removed. Everything they do is subservient to this.

Long ago the BBC ceased to have a real objective viewpoint. Today everything is tailored to ensure it can maintain its own power base and maximise its already bloated income. It's news reporting is only as objective as serves its purpose. It is out of control, self serving and threatens our democracy. The BBC has become a monster.

But it would have to be a very brave government who took on this state within a state. Today the BBC is capable of breaking any government that threatens its position. It is in an almost unassailable position. They have the ability and ruthlessness to manipulate any presentation of the truth so that it comes out in the BBC's favour.

I do not know how the BBC can be brought to heel. I only hope that as time goes by, the already obsolete and corrupt licence fee will become more and more unacceptable. Then perhaps something will have to be done.

Really, if we are to have a any form of public service it should be funded centrally by direct and fair taxation by the democratically elected Government.

Allowing the unelected and unrepresentative BBC to raise its own grubby poll tax in order to fund its excesses is frankly an outrage against our society.

An English Identity

Goodness me! Billothewisp has to rub his eyes in disbelief.

We have here an article in the Guardian about Englishness.

I really said that. Yes. The Guardian.

See Here "Englishness:The forbidden Identity."

The article has some good points but starts off by indulging in some ritual hysteria about far right conspiracies. It hangs its hat on this purported far right agenda by detailing Nick Griffins attachment to English Folk music.

But the article does acknowledge the rising tide of a fair minded English identity. It ends with an appeal to our Great, Good and Benificient leaders to stop regarding Englishness as a forbidden Identity.

At least that is a step forward.

But the article clearly comes from someone who wishes to remain on the outside. Someone who has no real wish to identify themselves as English. The article is very much worded as an “us and them” document. With the English as the “them” and the “us” being the cognoscenti at the Guardian and their peers.

The most corrosive aspect of this article though, is the implied and unfair insinuation throughout that an English identity is easily manipulated into being a prop for the far right.

Perhaps our friends at the Guardian, should consider why and how Ugly politics gets a grip in any society. I would hazard to suggest that it usually comes down to a lack of representation. No votes. No parliament. A running sore of cultural and fiscal injustice. A sneering disregard from the political elite.

When people get ignored and marginalised within their own land, they are by definition more likely to listen to anyone who says they have a solution. It is to the eternal credit of the English (and even the Guardian article recognises this) that this non-country of ours is arguably the most inclusive and compassionate country in the world.

May I suggest that the defenders of the truth at the Guardian should perhaps run an article or two on the rising tide of English identity. Perhaps this time they could stay away from the boringly hysterical diatribes about a far right conspiracies and focus on the just grievances of the fair minded English people.

MPs Expenses: Another Outrage

You foolish little Englanders. So you thought that the Great and Good would have learned their lesson from the MPs expenses scandal.

You would have expected that they would refrain from sticking their noses in the trough. At least for a little while.

But you forgot that we are talking about the established order. The ruling elite.
Those who administer your taxes, decide on your laws and control your information.
The great ones who decide just what you can and cannot do.

You also forgot that this wonderful and magnificent grouping also extends to the Lords, Sirs and Dames. It includes those who are handsomely rewarded to investigate, query and administer the duck houses and porn movie rentals.

There are 646 MPs. From this report See Here, the new Parliamentary expenses watchdog is to have a staff of around 80 and cost £6.6 million. Just to cap it all, the honourable overseer of this, Sir Ian Kennedy, is paid £700 a day.

I'll just to show you the lay of the land here. This bastion of the establishment, this guardian of justice and fair play, Sir Ian Kennedy, recently claimed £15000 for taxi fares for travelling from home to work. See Here

Perhaps we need to appoint a watchdog to watch the expenses of the watchdog.

The cost of this new unbelievable gravy train bureaucratic outrage comes in at £10,500 per year per MP. Remember, that is simply to administer the expenses for these benevolent leaders of ours.

God knows how much it will all come to in total.

To me, it seems we have just added another layer of pig like troughing corruption and outrage onto the existing pestilence.

This is not the honesty and transparency we were promised. It is more like the barbarian ruling scum making sure their wealth, power and prosperity is maintained at our expense.

They are laughing at you. Mocking your fair mindedness. You, the peasants, the riff-raff, the plebs. You are derided and despised.

Am I just having a nightmare?

Have I lost contact with reality?

This new corpulent bureaucratic expenses fiddle simply cannot be true.

Can it?

Weather Forecast 247% Accuracy

Dear ignored, unloved and forgotten Little Englander friends. As you may remember, this paltry old English serf made some detailed weather forecast predictions for 2010. If you remember (This Post Here) I used my neighbours entails as a rune (and not as a bungy cord as some have mischievously suggested).

Well, preliminary results for January are in.

I am proud to announce that Billothewisp has successfully forecast the weather for the whole of January.

Remember the prediction? “January would be cold”

How about that for hitting the nail on the head.

The best the Met Office could do was to predict we would be eating our new year lunches around the barbecue as we sunned ourselves in the back garden. All thanks to Global Warming (also known as Climate Change. But only when the weather is inclement)

So, all I can say to my friends at the Met Office (of whom I have none):

Read this and weep.

“January would be cold” That is 100% base line accuracy for you.

Now using standard statistical practice from the IPCC, I include the air travel enhancer multiplied by braking efficiency of a Toyota Prius.

I then divide by the honesty factor for the average Labour back-bencher.

You then get 181.763112 %.

Feed this through the Mann hockey stick data selection process and it comes to 247%

That is exactly 247%.

Not 246.73% or 242.56%

247% EXACTLY. I rest my case.

Perhaps the Met Office would care to flog off their expensive computers and borrow my neighbour. I am glad to say he is now out of hospital and his entrails were successfully re-installed. Although he views further disembowelments with trepidation, he is so sick of politically correct half truths from the amply fed and watered of our English non-nation, he is willing to go through it all again.

The NHS and Ugly Bribes

A few posts ago I pointed out how Gordon Brown and cohorts were peddling a series of little bribes to key groups of swing voters. Roughly one a week. But I never thought that even our Magnificent Citizen One would sink as low as this.

His target this week is cancer patients. The offering is treatment in the community with a dedicated nurse. Although, he has been in office for thirteen years, this “good idea” has obviously not been a priority until now.

There is a big issue here. It is avoided by all parties. This is whether politicians, especially dishonourable one like Brown, should ever control what the NHS spends its money on.

This would not be an issue in France or Germany. There, politicians have much less say or control over their national health care systems. Incidentally the French and German health care systems still knock spots off ours. That is not because of the medics or the money spent. But it is a lot to do with the politics, spin and bureaucracy. Not to mention the bright little ideas spawned by the likes of the Great Leader. Especially when he needs to buy a few votes.

What would really get my attention would be if somebody stood up and announced that they were going to remove the NHS from political control. Then Brown and others would not be able to use it like a political football.

If freedom from political control is good enough for the Bank of England and even the Great and the Good at the BBC then why should our health service suffer the indignities of the dirty little publicity stunts of Gordon Brown?

Foreign Aid and Africa

We spend between £6 and £8 billion a year supposedly relieving third world poverty. Much of this money goes to Africa. But in Africa, nothing gets better. (See this Coffee House Article Here)

In total from us and others, Africa has received over £500 billion in aid over the last 50 years. Yet, in most all African countries, life expectancy, wealth and literacy has fallen. The only thing that has risen, and it has risen astronomically, is corruption.

Essentially we are donating money to the gangsters of Africa in the vain and stupid hope that they will get a conscience and help the poor. This is about as likely as trying to help the poor of the East End of London by donating money to the Cray Twins and Ronnie Biggs.

So what do we do? He have all seen the debacle of Iraq where Tony Blair and Co tried to impose a 19th century colonial solution to a similar problem. Hopefully we won't make that mistake again.

A different approach to foreign aid has been successfully and rigorously pursued by Cuba. Even though Cuba is a pretty rank dictatorship itself and has very little money, the Cuban foreign aid policy is something to be reckoned with.

Basically the Cubans train legions of medics and engineers, then temporarily “export” these experts to poor countries. (see Wikipedia here). Currently Cuba has 20000 (yes, twenty thousand) medics helping in the third world.

Think on this: Say you were a poor African. On one hand you look upon the western supported corrupt dictator who brutally reigns over you. On the other hand you see a local Cuban field hospital. There you watch as the Cuban communists save your child's life. Which system would you consider the best? Where would your political support go?

How bizarre that a crumbling old style Stalinist dictatorship can hold the moral high-ground over the Western democracies.

Just to make matters worse, instead of training medical staff and using them to help in Africa we actually have sent out recruitment teams to go and steal the medics away from poor countries. Then, couple of years down the track, we then cannot find places for our own home trained talent (See Daily Mail article Here.) We end up stealing medics from the third world and then forcibly exporting our own to Australia and the States.

The irony of this is that Cuba, even forgetting about the political agenda, gains massive popular support from little expenditure. Our largesse only gains us hate and despair.

We cannot afford to keep on financing the crooks of Africa. But we can afford to help the common people of Africa by training our own people and lending their expertise to Africa. Just like the Cubans do.

Arrogance and Parliamentary Privilege.

So the troffers that have been charged with false accounting are looking to use Parliamentary Privilege as a defence. We have Cameron declaring himself “disgusted” while Thingy, the leader of the Liberal Doo-Dahs reckons the public will be “appalled”. (See Here)

Actually, I have to inform our mighty and benign leaders that the poor old plebeian English riff-raff are pretty appalled and disgusted already.

It is all strangely quiet from the divine leader Gordon “The Abyss” Brown. Then again, the three MPs so far charged are (or were) members of his party.

Besides, I do not think Uncle Gordo really considers the concerns of the grubby and unwashed of England worthy of his time. He has much more important world-wide grandstanding to do.

Parliamentary Privilege is one of those concepts that make many people very uneasy (including yours truly). Arguably, it is necessary to protect the rights of elected representatives to speak freely. It ensures they are unfettered of the risk of being sued by the rich and powerful. But it is also vitally important no-one is considered above the law.

Unless it is kept under close control, Parliamentary Privilege can take us down a very dark and ugly path.

If these troffers get away with this, and use Parliamentary Privilege as their defence, then we become little better than Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

No one should be above the law.

Labour 3 Conservative 1

So, some of the troffers in the Commons have been charged. Three Labour MPs, one Conservative Lord. All with false accounting.

Let me just remind my poor putrid peasantry English brethren what false accounting means. False accounting involves fabrication of financial records. It is closely associated to similar crimes like forgery and deception. It is the type of crime committed by loan sharks, confidence tricksters, con artists and swindlers. It involves blatant bare faced deceit and an arrogant disregard for both the legal and moral fabric of our society.

It is one of those crimes that is often left undetected or difficult to prosecute. That is, unless those committing the crime are so brazen, so arrogant that they feel above the law. No doubt these champions of our democracy also consider themselves far, far, above you, my grubby Little Englander chums.

If there are four that have been charged, you can bet there were ten times that number where the evidence was not robust enough for charges to be brought.

I expect the toilet block at Westminster has had a lot of use lately as forty or so crooks have been wondering whether their little frauds and shenanigans will stand up to scrutiny.

There are undoubtedly many honest MPs. Regrettably, and just as certain, is that there are many crooks as well. Poisoning our democracy.

If any job should be done honestly and as a vocation, it is being an MP.

Today MPs are paid very well and their expenses are out of this world. Not many appear to be doing the job because of their beliefs.

The concept of being an MP to serve the community rather than a way of lining your pockets appears to have died a long time ago.

We need a return to politics based on honesty, concepts and ideology. We must move away from the ridiculous self serving expense and inflated salary culture that now infects our government.

Southampton Taxi Shock Horror Probe

Greetings my fellow cruel little Englanders. As you know, occasionally, Billothewisp likes to try and lighten everyone's day with a little bit of sardonic observation.

But yesterday Billothewisp came across some news that was so preposterous, so unbelievably Pythonesque he was acutely stumped for adding to the sheer lunacy of the story. In fact the story was so outrageous, this particular blogger had a haemorrhage and nearly bled to death.

But today, after being inspired by the wit of the above little English bleeder, I have decided to have a go.

I of course, refer to our noble elite who so benignly rule over the grubby English proletariat who infest the city of Southampton. Particularly the taxi drivers of the said city who have had the temerity to display certain blood curdling items, of which I will come to later.

First of all may I warn all those of a nervous disposition to sit down, or at least stand well clear of breakable objects as I relate this dreadful tale.

The taxi drivers of Southampton, share many of the traits of other English ruffians. They share in the same non-voting system that ensures that no English party is ever elected. As there is no Assembley or parliament to elect them to, this is, of course,not a problem.

Being non citizen of a non country with no parliament, should be gratefully accepted. But evidently it led some of this English underclass to forget their place.

It appears that some of these taxi drivers took to displaying an outrageous icon within their cabs, measuring at least 5 inches by 3 inches. It was none other than the foul flag of the non country of England. To this disgraceful act they added a massive written insult across the middle of this emblem by writing the disgusting phrase “English Speaking Driver”.

Of course they had a cover story. They said some people (probably other foul and cruel little Englanders) found the ugly national display useful. This was probably only due to the fact that these lazy English customers had not bothered learning Urdu or Polish and found communicating with the non English speaking taxi drivers difficult. Well, all I can say it that is their fault. If they don't like it perhaps they should emigrate.

Today Southampton council has rescued the insulted, abused and traumatised from these barbarian taxi drivers. The flag and associated message has been banned from Southampton taxi cabs. The council has threatened to remove taxi drivers licenses if they fail to comply. No doubt there will be letters issued. The council will watch and monitor. They know where you live. Watch out for the knock knock knock on the door at 4 am.

Billothewisp is rather nonplussed by all this. In our imposed multicultural society he would have thought that showing a little consideration to the populace by indicating your primary language would have been helpful. But alas no. Billothewisp is after-all, just a drab and dirty Englishman himself. So what would he know?

We all should know by now that the English are, by far, the least important citizens of these islands.

After all, they don't even have their own parliament.

A Cruise for England's Finest.

Billothewisp is not a great fan of cruise liners. To be fair he has never been on one, but they look far too posh for a citizen covered in excess body hair.

However he has come up with a great scheme involving just one Ocean liner. This scheme may solve ALL of the nations tribulations and woes.

It will require the full participation of the Great Good and Extremely Well Fed. Especially those who rule over our cruel little non-nation of England. These magnifico's will simply have to do what they do best. In other words get their noses fully into the trough.

Billothewisp envisages an all expenses paid extravaganza on the high seas. All the duck house recipients, those flip-flopping their second homes or making an honest expense claim for some porno films should be invited.

If there is any space spare, perhaps we could invite some no-win no-fee lawyers and of course, we must not leave out those poor underfed bankers whose selfless denial and patriotic zeal surely bring a tear to the eye.

Finally, perhaps we could pack on some of the Islamic extremists who so reasonably expect us to change our laws to accommodate their modern and forward thinking ideas.

We could all wave them off, cheering from the quayside as they sail on their pleasure excursion to the more exotic parts of the Pacific Ocean.

Particularly Billothewisp envisages our fine collective example of humanity sailing over the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench (depth 36,201 feet). Just to show how wonderful and important they all are, we could arrange a small rendezvous with one of Her Majesties submarines.

We all know how careless sailors can be. It would be no surprise to anyone if they were to accidentally fire a torpedo salvo into the liner. Of course, as they are the Royal Navy, one would expect them to reload immediately and “Oh darn, done it again”. Well, what do you expect?

The crew would, of course, get a serious telling off. That is, after they got back from ticker-tape parade through the streets of London.

So, I hear you ask. How would this solve ALL of the nations problems?

Well, regrettably it won't.

But it would be a bloody good start.

Obama, NASA and the Slippery Slope.

Normally this blog is English centric, but Obama's cuts to the US space programme have prompted me to worry about where they, and we, are all heading.

America (like us) is broke and needs to cut back. As a result, large sections of the space program have been axed. It must be remembered that NASA is one of the main driving forces behind American technical innovation.

Obama and the Americans need to tread very carefully. They are on the edge of a very slippery slope that eventually leads to the purgatory of technical dependency.

Going down the slope is easy. Getting back up it again is murderously hard. Even just stopping the descent is awesomely difficult. Just look at us in the UK.

We have all got in this position because of the overblown banking sector. The banks should be a support player to industry. Today they have become the tail that wags the dog.

It was encouraging to see Obama recently lay down the law to the US banks. But he needs to make sure that Wall Street stops selling out American industry. The traders and the various ruling elites around the world all worship at the feet of Globalisation and would sell their mothers (let alone their country) to turn a profit or maintain their position.

A bit of good old protectionism against unfair competition for some strategic American industries would really set the cat among the pigeons. Maybe then we could also protect some of ours. That is after we get rid of the arch globalisation fetishist, Gordon "The Abyss" Brown.

Export/Import should be there to fill in the gaps and add the extras. It should never be allowed to destroy native industries wholesale.

Unfettered and dogmatic Globalisation has wreaked havoc across the world and led to untold misery and suffering, both in the West and in developing countries.

Now is the time to reign it in.