Wind Power

If you are looking for some support for wind power this is definitely NOT the place to be.

Back in January 2010 Billothewisp was exposed to the pathetic power output of a proposed huge and ugly wind farm threatening to despoil one of the nicer parts of the world. (in fact it turns out  the value I found shockingly low was in fact a massive overestimate).

Since then it has just got worse and worse. The developers arrogance, avarice and greed has only been matched by the stupidity of governments and the wilful ignorance of the dreamworld supporters of this truly failed technology.

I keep thinking I will soon stop being shocked by what I find out about the Wind Farm scam. But that time has not arrived yet.

Wind Turbine generation has its niche, an example of which would be remote off grid locations.  But that niche is certainly not as a major power source on the National Grid.

The oldest posts are at the end. Multiple posts in a month are ordered oldest first. 

I took a long break in 2018/19. The lack of posts in that period should not be taken as that anything about wind power has got better!

October 2020

March 2020

Insects and a New Silent Spring

April 2017
An Expensive Day in April

March 2016
Is There Something (Else) Wrong With Wind Power?

February 2016
Whales, Wind Turbines and Fukushima

October 2015
Navitus Bay: The End of the Line

September 2015
Navitus Bay Wind Park – The Community Wins.

August 2015
Wind Turbines: More Ghosts in the Gearbox

May 2015
Navitus Bay Adopt Worst Case turbine Option

January 2015
Parliament Votes to Abolish Wind Farm Subsidies
Navitus Bay - Deadline 5 Looms

November 2014
Wind Corporation Games
Another Damning Wind Power Report

May 2014
Navitus Bay Wind Park - Threat to Jurassic Coast
Wind Turbine Design Cube Laws and Cock Ups

April 2014
F minus for the Groko

February 2014
Death By Energiewende

January 2014
1. Wrecking the Sea Bed with Offshore Wind (part 1 - Introduction)
2. Wrecking the Sea Bed with Offshore Wind (Part 2)
3. Wrecking the Sea Bed with Offshore Wind (Part 3)
4. Wrecking the Sea Bed with Offshore Wind (Part 4)
5. Wrecking the Sea Bed with Offshore Wind (Part 5 - Summary)

December 2013
1. The Ghost In The Gearbox

September 2013
1. Wind Power - The Scale of the Problem

August 2013
1. How Wind Turbines Increase Global Warming

July 2013
  1. The Damage Done By Wind Power
  2. Denmark Versus France. Place Your Bets!
  3.Birds Bats Bugs Bees and Wind Turbines

June 2013
  1. Fiddling While Sumatra Burns

February 2013
  1. The Coming Dark Age (Revisited)

January 2013

  1. Wind and Solar Renewables:- The German Experience
  2. Wind Turbine Reliability and that Elephant Again
  3. Windfall. A film by Laura Israel

November 2012

  1. Wind Turbines: A Major New Noise Report
  2. Residential buffer zones for wind turbines:The Real Evidence
  3. Wind Turbine Scam On Steroids
  4. Texas Offshore Turbines: 50% total loss in 20 years?

September 2012

  1. Wind, Bluster and Carbon Reduction

August 2012

  1. St Mabena and the Beast
  2. Doing the Right Thing by St Mabena
  3. Wind and the Myth of Fossil Fuel Subsidies.
  4. Fiddling Wind Turbine Images

July 2012

   1. Wind and the Myth of Fossil Fuel Subsidies
   2. East Stoke: Greed 4, Democracy 0

June 2012

    1. A Fitting Place for a Wind Turbine

May 2012

    1.Wind Power: The Devil Is In The Detail
    2. China Cools On Renewables
    3. The Myth Of Wind Power Distribution
    4. A Fitting Place For a Wind Turbine

April 2012

    1. Doing The Right Thing (Not)
    2. Defending East Stoke
    3. Burning Wind Turbines Revisited
    4. Dorset Renewable Energy Strategy Seeks Endorsement
    5. Why Wind Capacity Factor Matters

March 2012

    1. Wind Power - Another Damning Report
    2. Why Is Wind power So Expensive?
    3. An Irish Lament
    4. The Wind Industry and Rotten Onions

February 2012

    1. A letter that Demands Action
    2. The Great Wind Farm Robbery revisited
    3. Half Truths at the Guardian
    4. The Defence of Silton
    5. Rock and Roll Rip Offs
    6. Bad Engineering and Premature Technology

December 2011

    1. Safer Setbacks

November 2011

     1. Wind Farm Conquistadors
     2. Bankers Pull the Plug on Scottish Wind
     3. A Wind Turbine Capacity Factor Near You

October 2011
  1. Debunking The Myths
  2. Wind Turbines: Dilbert and Windtoons Say It All
  3. Scale and Proportion
September 2011
  1. The Elephant in the Turbine
  2. Wind Turbines the 30% Capacity Factor Myth
August 2011

  1. Turbine, Turbine Burning Bright
  2. Niodymium and Wind Turbines
  3. Kyoto Quotas and Fashion Statements
July 2011
  1. Chris Huhne and Dennis Moore
  2. A Landmark Wind Turbine Bill
  3. The Great ROC Rip-Off
  4. Wind Speed In Decline: A Blip or a Trend?
  5. Cold Feet In Turbine Heaven
  6. Peer Reviewed Papers On Turbine Noise
June 2011

1. Windfarm Wars the Final Chapter
2. Renewable Energy Foundation: Under Attack
3. Last Chance to See Windfarm Wars on iPlayer
4. Wind Turbines and the Kidney Seller
5. One Hundred and Eighty Onshore Turbines for Dorset
6. Palm Oil and Wind Turbines

May 2011

April 2011

March 2011

February 2011

January 2011

1. Wind Power Three Months Data
2. Wind Turbines National 3 month Data
3. Denmark - No More Land Based Wind Turbines
4. Wind Power The Damning Results
5. A Wind Turbine Malais
6. Wind Turbines and Silver Spoons

December 2010

1.A Strange Wind Turbine Morality
2. Wind Power the Reality Today
3. Wind Power Today Revisited
4. Wind Power Winter and No Wind
5. Predicting the Wind
6. Predicting the Wind - Update

November 2010

1. Wind Turbines and Spinning Reserve
2. Wind Turbines the Subsidy
3. Homes and Wind Turbines
4. Wind Turbines in a Pit

March 2010

1. Its About Greed Not Green Stupid

January 2010

1. East Stoke Wind Turbines Dorset