An English Apology

Billothewisp wishes to offer is his humble gratitude to the sumptuous and magnificent leaders of our great democracy in whom we all so trust. He further wishes to say sorry. But first he needs to explain the need for this apology, particularly to the Leader of the Opposition.

Yesterday evening Billothewisp was reading assorted blogs when he came across some scurrilous CEP posters on this site. If you look you will see that they rather naughtily display statements made by the Grand Etonian and Leader-In-Waiting concerning an English Parliament. Billothewisp was somewhat non-nonplussed and could barely believe what he was reading. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and dispaired about the direction and guidance of the Divine Leader-in-waiting, David Cameron.

To a simple and loyal Englishman such as Billothewisp, such statements show a rather alarming remoteness and aloofness from the English people. Is this Posh and extremely well fed leader merely cynically exploiting the English voters so he can pose in his kilt and brandish his Scottish ancestry to one and all? Is he, then, just a mirror image of that other Grand and Illustrious Scottish leader he wishes to replace? Worse though, is he really so adamant about standing against any possibility of democracy in England? Does he not realise the unfairness of the current situation?

Yesterday, before seeing these posters Billothewisp was considerably less likely to vote for Gordon Brown than a dead dog. But today, if the Labour party sprung up with a legitimate policy on English devolution they would gain my attention. (although luckily for the supremo-to-come, I trust the Labour party no further than I could throw John Prescott).

English people are fair and patient. But the unfairness that has been foisted upon them is beginning to rankle. Billothewisp hears many mumblings and grumblings from other members of the downcast and dirty. Today, I can assure the great Etonian that political opinions are moving among the hoards of minions.

Billothewisp doffs his cap to the great Etonian and born-to-rule future leader. He further humbly apologises for bringing up the distasteful subject of an English Parliament. But the great and the good need to be made aware of the fact there are times when you need to progress beyond the status-quo.

It is now time to move on. Otherwise, in five or ten years the plebs and serfs of England may well extract a reckoning from the political parties that deny them fair play. Worse still, there are also people and parties with ugly policies all too willing to exploit a genuine and aggravated grievance.

We expect our leaders to support fairness and democratic aspirations. We do not expect them to show a dictatorial denial of basic rights for the English, irrespective of how grubby and lower class these English serfs may be.

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