The Death Of Redcar Steelworks

Redcar Steelworks is due to shutdown this month. So ends another chapter of British (dare I say English) Industry.

Redcar is (was) a fine productive plant with an excellent and proud workforce. But their industry and their livelihoods have been sacrificed to the great God of Globalisation.

To say this is a brutal culling would be the understatement of the century. The truth is that Redcar Steelworks is worth more dead than alive to its new masters .

Read these pages and weep.

Steel Strip A trade website. Describes the tragedy

Climate Realists More on the despicable closure with particular reference as to who makes LOTS of money from it.
(Warning. This will make you angry).

Labour Home Particulary read the comments here.
I am left bereft of understanding how the people making these deeply felt comments can still get up and support the likes of Gordon Brown.

While this country continues to get screwed like this there is little hope that we will ever turn things around.

Why has this been allowed to happen?

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