Myleene Klass brandishes Carrot cutter

Myleene Klass has been warned by the police about brandishing a knife at thieves through her window.
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Ms Klaas the piano playing singer who fronts up the rather classy M&S adverts must have been a fearsome sight as she screamed at some youths through her closed windows while brandishing a kitchen knife. The youths, engaged in the activity of burgling her shed ran off.

The ferocious Ms Klaas must weigh in at about 8 stone (wringing wet). While her lethality factor with a kitchen knife from behind plate-glass is unknown, it is common knowledge that she is a dab hand at dicing the carrots with exactly the same sort of weapon.

It is possible that the psychological scarring on the youths will run deep for years. Happily though the words Ms Klass screamed at the burglars ("I am calling the Police") were less intimidating.

Ms Klaas' only excuse to the police for such behaviour was that she was alone with her baby and was deeply frightened by the hostile intrusion onto her property.

Luckily for her, she will not be charged. I understand she was told, (off the record) by the attending officer, that he would have done much the same as she did.
But, officially she is a very bad person. She could have been charged with brandishing an offensive weapon even though she was in her own house and the burglars were outside.

Evidently, the fearsome Ms Klass should have scared the burglars off without resorting to brandishing her favourite vegetable parsing knife.

No. I have not been at the funny mushrooms. I have also checked the date and it is definitely not April 1st.

Here is another report on the ferocious knife wielding Ms Klass.