So when is the English Debate?

Billothewisp eagerly watched the Great Good and Extremely Well Fed engage in their little televised tryst over running the country.

At the end, Billothewisp watched the nice Mr Dimble-Thingy proudly announce the other debates that will be taking place.

There will be one in Scotland, broadcast live (Rah Rah Hoo-Ray!)
The will be one in Wales broadcast live ( Yip Yiop Yo!)
There will be one in Northern Ireland broadcast live ( Rah rah hurrah!)

Billothewisp eagerly awaited the finale in this roll call of nations within these islands. With glowing eyes he stopped filing his teeth and wrung his furry little hands in expectation. He watched like an obedient child about to be rewarded with sweeties for being good and not complaining.

But then Mr Dimble-Dumble simply went on to the next item, telling us that UKIP and the Greens would have a small slot on the following news broadcast.

Billothewisp was puzzled. There was something missing. In fact it was more than a something. It was a whole nation. An Identity spanning 50 million souls.

Billothewisp scratched his head. Puzzled and confused he wondered about the missing nation. He watched the news in case it may appear there. All he got was a virtual repeat of the leaders debate and about 90 seconds of Nigel Farage. Even the Greens did not seem to make an appearance (or maybe they were so irrelevant he just didn't notice).

Still no mention of the missing nation.

Billothewisp racked his poor brain. He had vague memories that the missing nation was actually, quite famous. Funnily, he vaguely remembered it had a long history and a football team that didn't win much. It had a name. But what was that name?

Suddenly Billothewisp looked up with a start. Oh yes! Now he remembered. It was the word that was always to be avoided. The identity that must be denied and derided lest the Proles push past the crappy football team and seek their own governance under its name.

Billothewisp shuddered and gulped. With his heart racing he dared to speak it out loud.
England” he said.
He furtively looked around him in case others had heard. But they were all too slam dunked by four cans each of Old Speckled Hen to notice.

Billothewisp had that old feeling of betrayal that swam up whenever he heard or mouthed the name of the non-country with its no-identity and no-representation and no-parliament and non-assembly.

He comforted himself with another Old Speckled Hen Suddenly the world was a little rosier. The sense of betrayal lessened. He replayed the Weasel words of the divine three and felt comforted. For the moment the loss of his non-nationhood receded from his thoughts. He went back to filing his teeth to jaunty little points.

But deep down, he knew that sooner or later, the issue of English sovereignty and identity would have to be addressed, however much the ruling elite wished to avoid it.

Billothewisp knew that one day, the nice Mr Dimble-Dumbly would have to add to his role call of national debates. That there would have to be a debate for the English on English issues.

Or there will be hell to pay.

I Am Sorry Too, Gordon

Billothewisp would also like to offer his grovelling apologies to the population of our ravished little land.

Taking a lead from Gordon our great magnifico, let me say:

Sorry Sorry Sorry Grovel Squirm dribble wriggle whine.


I am so grief stricken.
So overwhelmingly contrite and guilt ridden I can only repeat:


If you wish you can watch me flagellate myself (that is flagellate - you pervert)

I will cut myself with knives, gouge my flesh, smash my head against a wall anything to show my penance.

Sorry, sorry sorry

Oh GOD. I am so so so so so so Sorry.

But my sorrow is somewhat different to yours Gordon.

You are sorry because you were caught being a duplicitous conniving arrogant elitist bastard.

I am sorry because I voted for your bunch of criminally negligent do-nothings at the last election. (I hasten to add that is not a mistake I intend to repeat.)

So Gordon, after you are consigned to some powerless (but no doubt lucrative) backwater I will still be sorry, along with about 60 million other of your victims.

So to you Gordon, I can only that I am really sorry that you ever got to a position of authority.

As to my voting aberration during the last election, I must say to my fellow sour faced little Englanders:


So Why Exactly, is Gillian Duffy a Bigot?

The Dear Leader has got himself into a spot of bother.

The trouble is, our Gordon is so accustomed to dishing out the laws and edicts it must come as a shock when one of the proles starts asking pointed questions. Especially if they are questions about the Great Taboo.

And what is the Great Taboo?

It is, of course, the topic that must not be mentioned.

It must be avoided at all costs.Any queries must be crushed.

Anyone querying the great taboo must be vilified, smeared, derided and despised.

Gillian Duffy, a working class grandmother and pensioner crossed the line.

She mentioned the Great Taboo. That was her sin.

To be fair, she also gave the Dear Leader a good kicking about several other pertinent topics. But without doubt, Gordon Browns vilification and dismissal of Gillian Duffy was triggered by her mentioning the Great Taboo.

So what did she say?

This link offers the full transcript.

The words that propelled this otherwise straightforward, compassionate and dare I say,"normal" person to Bigot status were these:

"You can't say anything about the immigrants because you're saying that you're... but all these eastern Europeans what are coming in, where are they flocking from?"

That is it. That is all. No more.

The Great Taboo was mentioned.

Suddenly Gillian Duffy is a bigot, racist, Nazi or whatever.

The Dear Leader, in response, huffily announced that 1 million Brits have gone to Europe which, in his rather bizarre world, somehow compensates for the several million immigrants (some legal, some not) who have deluged our shores.

These are his words in reply:

"A million people have come from Europe but a million British people have gone into Europe. You do know that there's a lot of British people staying in Europe as well."

Dare I suggest that most of the Brits staying in Europe are retirees or in high demand jobs. Essentially they are fleeing our ravaged little England and seeking sanctuary across the water.

The million(s) coming in are at best (like the Poles) looking for work and contributing through taxes. Although it can only be unhealthy for both England and Poland to have such a large number of workers dislocated from their own country. Like it or not, it does also mean less work for the locals.

Then at worst, there are the parasitic and narrow minded who actively despise our culture, while forever extending out their hand and demanding more.

So there you have it. The Great Taboo.

So perhaps we should say to Gillian Duffy:
How dare you?
How dare you question the unmentionable?
How dare you bring up the topic the cognoscenti wish to hide and obscure?

Perhaps she should be warned that her words were bordering on a hate crime.
Maybe she should be questioned, examined, watched.

Just in case.

A Wonderfully Subversive Election Video

This is so damn good I had to put a link to it here.
This video has probably changed the way I will vote. It is just so ruthlessly accurate.
Unless you are happy and content with our present ugly political status-quo, watch this today.

Lib-Dems: The Return of the Care Bears.

Or is it the "My Little Ponies"?

After returning to our ruined little England from far away I made the mistake of looking up a synopsis of Lib-Dem policies. All I can say to you my fellow sour faced little Englanders is God help us all if this bunch of tosh gets anywhere near legislation.

Really, I would expect better from a group of nine year olds. Some of this junk simply beggars belief.

First off I will blame the cause of my unpleasant foray into Lib-Dem dream-world on this post by Ian Dale It describes the proposed Lib-Dem tax break for illegal immigrants. Basically, if you evade our laughable boarder protection for ten years, you do not have to repay any of the tax you have avoided (ker-ching!). Illegal immigrants only will be eligable for this concession. Nasty little Englanders need not apply. In fact YOU will be paying for this. So bugger off to the back of the queue as normal.

Regrettibly, after reading Ians post, I then Googled this Lib-Dem policy synopsis.

I was going to make a list of the most ludicrous and vacant of these touchy-feely pie-in-the-sky statements but then I read the section marked "Environment".

Then I got worried. Very worried.

There is crass stupidity elsewhere in their policy synopsis. But in the Environment section it gets worse. Much, much worse. So bad in fact, I fear for the future safety of our frail and elderly.

Get this:

"Setting a target for 40 per cent of electricity will come from renewable sources by 2020 rising to 100 per cent by 2050"

This is totally unachievable.

It is a pair of targets that are so ludicrous you have to question the technical ability (if not the sanity) of anyone suggesting them.

Worse than that, by implying it is achievable they will end up killing people. These victims will mainly old ladies who will freeze to death when the inevitable power cuts stop their gas or electric heating from working.

Now get these two further statements:

"Blocking any new coal-fired power stations"
"Rejecting a new generation of nuclear power stations"

So how exactly are they planning to generate electricity? Obviously no-one has told them that those mighty wind turbine thingys don't actually produce much power. Especially when you need it. Are they going to rely on gas? From the generous Mr Putin no doubt?

I had to take a break in writing this to cool down. This is just so bloody unbelievable. Do these people have any contact with reality at all?

I am really, really, worried that people with apparently no understanding of basic physics let alone real world energy generation and managment are "planning" our future energy strategy. The crass incompetence and cowardice of the Labour party has got us into a situation where there is likely to be real difficulties in avoiding power cuts in the next 5 years anyway. This lunacy from the Liberals would make things much worse.

To ensure this countries energy requirements are met we really must have a set of policies based on the real world and what can actually be achieved.

Ridiculous fashion statements will not suffice.

Normal Abuse Resumes

Dear spotty, ugly, fellow little Englanders, BilloTheWisp has returned from his hols in ethernet challenged parts. Internet access is now assured (I hope). Abuse and slander will shortly follow.
More love and Kisses

Temporary Interruption

Unfortunately I have internet difficulties at the moment. Normal abuse/sarcasm/wit will be resumed A.S.A.P
Love & Kisses

Spoil it for England

My dear dissolusioned fellow little Englanders, how should we address the choice presented to us during the forthcoming election? How should we choose between the bland tasteless porridge of spin and despair that is offered to us?

Maybe you are one of the millions of fair minded Englanders who is now in such a state of despair about our country they will choose not to vote. If that is you, read on.

First lets look at the sorry options we have.

Should we vote for King Gordo?, the Eternal Leader, the Nokia Ballista? The latter day McBeth? The Macawber-esque financial failure?

Or should we choose Posh Dave who has made such a hash of this election campaign thatt he has turned a dead cert into a possible catastpohe.

There is Thingy in the Liberal Doo-Dahs who is simply all things to all men. The political colour equivalent to Hearing-aid beige.

The host of small parties may be honest, but you may consider that they lack gravity.

So what can you do if the small parties do not attract you and the larger ones make you want to vomit?

You are (quite rightly) outraged by the fraud, corruption, hidden agendas and sheer incompetence. You despise the jobs for the boys, the champagne socialism, the privilege and control freakery.

So what are we to do? How can we show our rage? How can we breath life into the bloated corpse of our democracy?

Firstly, always try and find someone worth voting for, but if there is really no one you can stomache voting for, why not indulge in a little constructive bureaucratic vandalism.

Spoil your ballot paper.

Write "Spoilers" or "Thieves" or whatever you like across the paper. But remember the blushes of the nice lady doing the counting.

People who do not use their ballot paper aree ignored. But imagine the effect if there are hundreds of thousands of spoilt ballot papers. The crooks will have to take notice.

So whatever you do, whether you vote or spoil your ballot paper get out there on election day.

At the very least you can register your displeasure.