Well, the Alternative Voting System referendum was comprehensively lost. (Sigh). I have included these posts here as they also address some other aspects of our democracy that I think are important. (You may differ)

I believe in failing to adopt AV, we have lost one of the best chances to revitalise UK politics that has come around in the last 90 years.

During the lead up to the referendum I posted every day on different aspects of why we needed to go for AV.

The overall campaign failed. My tiny contribution also lacked the impact or reach I had hoped for. But never mind. That's democracy.

I tried to address some issues that seemed  lamentably ignored by the dismal pro AV campaign. I think some of these a-centric issues still concern our democracy irrespective of the voting system. So I have decided to include these posts here, even though the referendum was lost.

Anyway here they are:

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How FPTP Harms the Tories
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FPTP and Extremism
When First past the Post Failed Us
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Reasons For AV - 1951
First Past the Post, AV and Fraud
Tactical Voting and First Past the Post
First past the Post and Vote Rigging
Reasons for AV - 1929