We are at (or even beyond) a crisis point in our  ability to meet our basic energy requirements. Without a large investment in viable and available energy generation, we face black-outs and societal dislocation. If  (or rather when) the lights go out, people will die and industry will grind to a halt. The main victims (and there will be thousands of them) will be mainly the poor, old and frail whose gas boilers won't turn on in a sudden cold or who are reduced to fuel poverty in order to finance the useless white elephant wind turbine fleet.

Consequently, Billothewisp supports a large increase in Nuclear Power generation. It is really the only way forward to ensure we have a secure energy source while allowing us to move away from fossil fuels. Other more fashionable generating methods, such as wind power simply do not cut the mustard and are a waste of time and money.

With regard to Global Warming,  I am what Anthony Watts would call a Luke Warmer. i.e. I am open to persuasion - I am not closed to rational debate. But I  generally go along with the scientific majority.

But in many ways Global Warming is irrelevant to the debate whether we need nuclear power or not. We need energy. We cannot adopt a Luddite anti-technology stance without seriously damaging our children's future. We will have to build nuclear or fossil plants. Except for Hydro no other generating methodology is truly viable.

Fossil fuels are very much yesterday's technology. They are dangerous, polluting and devour resources. Modern fourth generation nuclear has the promise of freeing us from dependence on rogue states while giving us plentiful energy.

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