The End of the Line

So, it is time to say goodbye.

I never get time or inclination these days to post anymore so I thought I would put up this one last post to signal that BilloTheWisp and his sub-ego (the one that actually does the writing) will in all probability never return.

The existing posts will be left here. Some folk still read them! Hopefully they find them useful. After all, nothing has got better about the wind energy farce has it?

My Twitter activity will also reduce and may stop completely. This is because I have become increasingly appalled at the censorship and partisan bias that has come to define corporate social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

So, to all my mates wherever you are, keep fighting the good fight, especially for a sane energy policy.

To to all my derided and abused compatriots in the fight for UK self determination remember this:

Even with the spite, hatred and corporate fear mongering that has been channelled against you, just remember who won the Brexit vote.

You did! 😀

Self determination and Democracy are never cheap. Do a tour of the Normandy graveyards if you ever doubt that.

Keep the Faith.