Crisis? What Crisis?

I try to be a good boy and read all sorts blogs with different opinions but really, Labour List is going to make me ill.

See this post by Norman Evans about how marvellously our mighty leader and his associates are doing. Its on Labour List here

Norms post is important because it show exactly how little the Labour party has learned from the catastrophes it has inflicted upon this country. They claim credit for things that had little or nothing to do with them while simultaneously denying (or ignoring) calamities they have imposed.

Obviously Norm is a great admirer of Gordon “The Abyss” Brown but really, the rose coloured spectacles must be so tinted that they are virtually opaque.

Read it yourself but here is a brief summary.

Norm has a true socialist style, ranting about how the electorate are “grossly mistaken” or misled by the media. (OK stop laughing this is serious) Essentially the main-track is that the bloody electorate don't know what they are doing.

Lavish praise is heaped on “The Abyss”. Then, by inference, the whole banking calamity is blamed on others, including the previous Tory government (from a distance of 13 years).

Spectacular stuff.

I expect Norms view reflects that of most of the Labour party as the sleep walk their way to political oblivion. They have learned absolutely nothing from the calamities of the last few years.

There is no mention of the massive divisions within the Labour party.
No mention of the desperate coup attempts against Brown.
No mention of Iraq or the lack of kit for our lads in Afghanistan.
No mention of the under the covers immigration policy of the early 2000's.
No mention of the fact that we were first into recession and last out.
No mention of the ultra-massive national debt we have been saddled with.

When it comes down to it, the Labour party is a divided, exhausted body racked by division and discontent. On far too many occasions its MPs have put their own interests in front of the country. It is a morally bankrupt institution that deserves to be removed from office as soon as possible.

I would recommend that the authors at Labour List read “The Wisdom of Crowds” (by James Surowiecki) before they disparage the electorate again. I would also suggest that they address the concerns of these same people who they have so studiously ignored.

But whatever spin Labour List puts on Brown & Co, for the next election, fella's you're screwed.

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