A Wind Turbine Capacity Factor Near You.

Billothewisp has decided to have a little competition to see which parts of the UK had the highest and lowest Wind Turbine capacity factors in 2010. Then we can see what the carbon savings are, particularly for the proposed East Stoke and Silton wind farms in Dorset..

Take this document  ( Here ). It is part of a document set called DUKES. (God! how Chris Huhne must hate having to publish this stuff)

In particular take this table.

Clearly the CF winner is (at a paltry 23.9%) is Northern Ireland.

Also very clearly, the CF loser is (at a wholly pathetic 17.7%)  is The South West of England.

It also shows that the "wonder" of offshore windpower only managed a CF of 29.6%.

Hmmm. There is something wrong here isn't there?

RenewablesUK, the wind industry trade association drone on and on  about the overall capacity factor being about 30%.

But last year not even off-shore managed the illusionary 30% CF. Dismally, not a single on-shore area came anywhere close to 25% let alone 30%.

If you believe in these things, then I expect you think that even though the output may be crap, they still help reduce carbon emissions

Unfortunately the truth is somewhat less rosy.

Billothewisp has to quote another governmental/academic document to offer some clarity as to exactly what carbon saving will be made.

The document was actually brought to my attention by a Guardian article last week written by Polly Curtis.

This Guardian article itself was the usual half-baked pro-wind  "investigation", and lacked even a semblance of even handedness. (See this comically one-sided  "Reality Check" ).

But it did refer to a very interesting report by the UKERC concerning wind turbine intermittency.

The document is available here -  The Intermittency Report

The Intermittency Report points out that due to their intermittent output, wind turbines need carbon emitting backup.

Because this backup is is trying to track the wind and compensate for the turbine vagaries, it is running inefficiently at sub optimal output.

The extra carbon emissions from this inefficient operation statistically gets compensated  by the wind turbine - but only when the collective turbine output reaches  a CF of about 20%.

So, if you have a capacity factor of 30% you are in saving carbon emissions..

But, that means that turbines in places like the South-West, (CF of 17.7%),  do not even cover the inefficiency they force on their carbon based backup generators. This carbon based backup generation  emits more carbon due to having to backup these ineffective turbines than it would if they didn't exist and was providing the power on its own.

In the South West, more CO2 is emitted not less. All thanks to the pitifully ineffective wind turbines.

These turbines cost carbon while producing intermittent expensive and unreliable energy.

You could actually reduce carbon emissions by shutting down all the South-West's turbines. (rather than paying them a subsidy).

Even for offshore wind, the carbon savings are pitifully small and horrendously expensive..

Particularly, for the proposed East Stoke and Silton wind farms in Dorset, the most environmentally sensible thing to do is exactly what the local councils have voted for - rejection.

Unfortunately the lure of the filthy lucre means that both of the corporations involved are going to appeal against the democratic decisions of the democratically elected local councils.

It is going to be the usual sad scenario  of money, power and greed versus local democracy.

The cost in national resources and finance, along with the environmental damage so outweigh any possible environmental gain  that we would be massively better off both financially and environmentally by consigning the whole white elephant wind turbine fleet  to the dustbin of history.

UK Diesel Most Expensive in Europe, Soon the World

UK Diesel is the most expensive in the Europe Union and the second most expensive in the world.

(graph taken from Australian Institute of Petroleum )

The average European Diesel price is over 17% cheaper. The cheapest (Luxembourg) is over 27% cheaper.

You can  Compare Diesel Prices on European Energy Portal Here

Notice that taxation component on the graph.

UK Diesel is by far the most heavily taxed fuel in the whole of the OECD, let alone Europe.

But still, I have to admit,  the price of Diesel in Turkey is slightly higher than in the UK. (sigh)

So we come shameful second for overpriced fuel in the OECD countries.

But my fellow grubby little Englanders should not worry. George Osbourne is "On The Ball".

The proposed 3p rise in fuel duty (which also then increases the VAT  - a tax on a tax) should ensure that the UK triumphantly grasps the world crown of the most expensive Diesel fuel in the world.

Another world first for England and the UK


How proud we should all be. (not)

Bankers Pull the Plug on Scottish Wind

It seems that the banking fraternity are beginning to get a little worried about sticking their snouts in the Scottish wind turbine trough.
(See Windpower Monthly article Here)

Up until now it has been easy money for both the bankers and their wind turbine operator clients. They have been backed by all political parties, with politicians fawning at their feet.

The media has fallen over themselves (especially the BBC) to promote and propagandise on their behalf.

Anyone standing against them has been villified and despised but more usually, just ignored.

But now something is stirring. Something unpleasantly related the truth about how much this joke technology is costing us and how ineffective it is.

Honourable and informed organisations like the John Muir Trust, and the Renewable Energy Foundation, as well as highly regarded engineers are diligently questioning the current madness.
(See This Post)

If (and when) the sh*t hits the fan, the last thing the greedy bankers want on the balance sheet is a large quantity of ineffective wind turbines that no-one is subsidising any more.

The first line on that balance sheet concerns Scotland.

Now if dear old Alec Salmond gets his way and Scotland goes independent then Scotland is going to have to pay the onerous ROC subsidy. This subsidy for off-shore turbines triples the final cost of the electricity generated. On-shore is slightly less eye wateringly expensive, merely doubling the cost.

However, this potential £4bn outlay leaves Alac Salmond unphased. The master plan is to get the despised English to pay or (I quote from the above link) "then there would be a severe danger of the lights going off in England"

Oh dear, Oh Dear.

Alec Salmond obviously places a great deal of  faith in the English sticking to the ludicrous "renewables" targets that have been stupidly set by the last UK government.

But of course, there won't be a UK government if Scotland goes independent.

As the UK is doing very well towards meeting its Kyoto CO2 reduction targets (much better than either Germany or Denmark) I would find it hardly surprising if this bit of UK governmental "renewable obligation" stupidity were to be quietly swept under the carpet and forgotten about.

Now tie that in to the enormous gas field found under Lanacashire and the fact we have 85 years worth of nuclear fuel stockpiled.

We can, using both the new gas and nuclear, replace coal completely. This would cut our carbon emissions massively more than could ever be achieved by wind turbines. (That is, of course, assuming wind turbines actually ever manage to cut carbon emissions in the first place).

The "renewables" feeding frenzy becomes a busted flush.

Whatever you think about the greedy bankers, one thing you can be sure of is that they will protect their bottom line. They are not going to indulge in any dreamworld, English hating Nirvana that could in all likely-hood prevent them getting their massive bonuses.

Bankers are greedy, averacious, cowardly and uncaring.

But they are not stupid.

Wind Farm Conquistadors

The Globalisation swindle that is wind energy has really plumbed the depths of depravity in Mexico. A new breed of Spanish Conquistadors have arrived. Like their forebears they have set out to rob the indigenous people of their land.

We may think we have it bad in England, where greedy multinationals hire celebrity lawyers at £20,000 a day to twist the truth and buy their own "justice".

But in Mexico, the wind companies trick the native population out of their land rights. They then get their thugs in to clear out those who won't leave.

If the locals stand up to the intimidation then they resort to death threats and beatings.

Most of these wind companies I should add, are European. Mainly Spanish.

Find that difficult to believe? Thinking old Billo might been at the cider too much today?

Well, my grubby little Englander: I have some links for you: (there are many more)
Oaxaca death threats to human rights defenders
Oaxaca possible conflict regarding wind energy projects
Wind parks take over indigenous lands

And then there is this one particularly - a call for objections by Amnesty International. Please use the link to raise a complaint if you can. The Campesinos need support.

Community threatened by wind farm staff

In Oaxaca Mexico,  there are about 14 different native groups. Collectively they are known as Campesinos. These poor and often illiterate native peoples put great store in typical traditional values. Things like: Your Word being your Bond.

For the wind energy corporate lawyers it was like taking candy from a baby.

Oaxaca is one of the poorest regions in Mexico. Here are some stats:

        * 34.5% of houses do not have running water;
        * 54.4% do not have plumbing;
        * 12.7% do not have electricity;
        * Only 37.8% of houses have all three of these basic services;
        * 40% of houses have dirt floors.

But don't go looking to any wind company for social improvement. They are too busy making huge profits. They don't even pay their bills.

To these globalised corporate monsters, the complaining Campesinos are just irritating Mexican Nimby's.

Campesinos can be ignored, and if they cannot be ignored they can be derided and treated with contempt. If they still continue to object then they can be beaten up - or worse.

Read this very important 2008 Paper (pdf) : Wind Conflicts In The Isthmus Of Tehuantepec by Sergio Oceransky.  It is Here and Here

If you are not appalled and disgusted by the attitude and comments from the company bosses that Sergio has recorded, then God help you.

But you can only swindle people for so long before it all boils over.

Recently a demostration and picket line of Campesino men, women and children was rammed by a bus carrying construction workers and security guards.

Twenty protestors were injured, some seriously. The outraged Campesinos returned the violence and an innocent construction worker was shot in the face and killed.

One killed 20 injured Mexican wind protest

When you get injustice, there are always those willing to push things further
(Read This Blood Curdling Blog Post Here)

Meanwhile the real villains, the people who should be held to account are 4000 miles away in Madrid counting their money.

This ugly world wide abuse is driven by governmental stupidity and plain old corporate greed. All this is fuelled by the ridiculous subsidies attached to this ineffectual energy source. (Yes - even in poverty stricken Oaxaca)

This abuse will continue until those in authority actually do something to stop it. It does not matter whether this abuse is happening in Oaxaca, Dorset or Ontario.

It must be addressed.