With regard to Global Warming,  I am what Anthony Watts would call a Luke Warmer. i.e. I am inclined to the contention that we are warming the planet with CO2 emissions But I am open to persuasion - I am not closed to rational debate. But I  generally go along with the scientific majority.

Even if Global Warming turned out to be a mirage, this really would not change my position on the need to reduce pollution and mitigate environmental damage.


I am very firmly not in the Luddite camp. Technology, particularly what has become known as high technology has immeasurably improved mankind and I am a zealous supporter. I often rail against stupid anti-technology, anti-progress aspects of our society, like  the "Organic" produce  fad or irrational beliefs in various end-of-the-world myths.
As you may have also noticed, the corruption of high technology to aid the irrational and avaracious pursuit of junk technology, like the current wind turbine obsession, drives me to distraction.  
Most of the posts below are critical of the stance taken by many in the pro AGW camp but they are not critical of the science itself. Here are my posts on Environment issues. they are in no particular order. 

I restarted blogging in July 2019 after a long hiatus. The later posts are separated from the earlier with a line. The first new posts are investigating what happens when folk over-sell doom-mongering about Climate Change and how this over-selling reduces the argument. 

October 2020

March 2020

Insects and a New Silent Spring

January 2020

Extinction Rebellion and an Inconvenient Ruminant

October 2019

Cows Climate and Reality

An Inconvenient Planetary Greening

September 2019

Storms, Climate Change & an Economy of Truth

Greta's Laws of Irreplaceable Utility

August 2019

Fiddling While the Forests Burn

Extinction Rebellion the BBC and a Deadly Embrace

Extinction Rebellion: When Prophesy Fails

July 2019

Al Gore: When Prophesy Fails.

Planetary Extinction: When Prophesy fails

---The Line------

September 2016
Fracking: Will It Ruin My Locality?

December 2015
Robespierre, Hansen and Denialism

August 2015
Lies Propaganda And Methane

June 2015
France and Germany: Electricity and Emissions

March 2015
The Trouble with Bio-Fuels
The Trouble with Biomass
Energy Storage The Trouble with Power to Gas

February 2015
The Trouble with Energy Storage

December 2014
Arrogance Ignorance and Greenpeace

April 2014
F minus for the Groko

February 2014
Death By Energiewende
Lovelock: Adapt and Survive
The Merchants of Doubt

October 2013
Prof. David Mackay on the Laws of Physics

August 2013
Protesters Told to Frack Off

June 2013
Fiddling While Sumatra Burns
Dead Germans Don't Count
Fracking Saves Thousands of Lives in USA

February 2013
The Coming dark Age Revisited

January 2013
UK Gas Prices: The Rip-Off Continues

October 2012
Gasland Purbeck and Propaganda

August 2012
Tim Yeo, Contraception and Energy Policy
Rotten to the Core

June 2012
Fracking, Emissions and Energy Prices
Who Supports Nuclear Now?

May 2012
China Cools on Renewables

April 2012
James Lovelock

March 2012

February 2012
The End of the German Solar Dream
Lagging the roof with Davy
Huhne - Good Riddance

November 2011
UK Diesel Most Expensive in Europe

October 2011
Government Policy: Leave the Old to Freeze
Gas: Excess Supply but Retail Prices still Rise

August 2011
European Petrol and Diesel prices Compared
Kyoto Quotas and Fashion Statements

July 2011
King Coal Aberdare and the Devil: Corrections
King Coal Aberdare and the Devil


European Electricity Prices Compared
The Case Against Coal
The Camel Assasins
E-Coli a Tragic German Double Standard
The Cucumbers are Innocent OK?
True Believers and EarthQuakes
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