Is This Brown's Gameplan?

So Gordon “The Abyss” Brown plans to go On and On. (see here)

Machiavellian? A touch of the Macbeth's? Maybe a little like a dishonourable Don Quixote?

I glean from the above article that his reasoning is that even if Labour loses the election badly the main losses will be among the anti-Brown camp. This then would actually strengthen his position within the Labour party.

Like all leaders who have outstayed their welcome he will hang on until the bitter end. Even then, he will want to ensure a king-like succession for the chosen pretender, Ed Balls.

But maybe there is more to this.

Maybe he is hoping that a newly elected Conservative government will have to make such massive and unpopular cuts to save the economy that they lose the support of the electorate. Then King Gordon can make a comeback, a little like Harold Wilson did in the early seventies.

And that IS a worry.

The economy is screwed. There is going to be little but economic misery for the next three years. That will be the case even if the economy is under the control of someone who actually tries to run it properly, rather than just get carried along with the tide.

Gordon Brown is an extremely adept schemer and a ruthless assassin of his enemies. That is why he is still there. After a losing election he would actually have fewer enemies within the Labour party than now.

The risk is that Cameron gets elected with a small or no majority, then after a calamitous year in government trying to sort out the mess, he gets turfed out and Gordo gets back in.

Far fetched?

I hope so.

But I suspect that is the turn of events that Brown is banking on.

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Cate Munro said...

Billo - unfortunately I don't think its too far fetched! Wouldnt surprise me in the slightest if the old bastard's planning just that - and to make matters worse, I don't feel Dave's got his shit together yet! :-( Ho-hum!
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