Cartoons rather than Hospices

Naomi House Hospice in Winchester Hampshire, provides terminally ill children and their families with care and support not available from the NHS. It is an honest, ethical and immensly worthwhile charity.

They had some funds ready to invest in an extention and to provide additional services. Because Naomi House is run by conscientous people they took sensible precautions and invested the 5.7 million in a cash account in a triple A registered bank. It also offered a good rate of interest. At the time nobody envisaged the sub-prime catastophe or that the chosen Icelandic bank would default.

So, in the grand catastrophe brought about by ravenously greedy men and supine, “bought and paid for” governments, led by our own, a small massively worthwhile charity in Winchester loses all its money.

Now let this simple Neanderthal ask you this. If you could help out Naomi House Hospice or spend the money on say, a trite global warming cartoon which should it be?

Now guess which one Gordon Brown and his pals chose.

This cartoon with a little girl being read a story by her dad and animated with drowning dogs and cats cost slightly more than the total of Naomi house money lost by the triple A rated Icelandic bank. Six million pounds in fact. See Here

The last news story I picked up on the Naomi House tradegy was published in Novemeber Here. It looks like they may get half the money back in about 4 years.

Are you happy about that?
Do you think that it is fair?
Is this cartoon a worthwhile use of taxpayers money?
Fundimentaly: Is this cartoon more important than the work done by Naomi House Hospice?

If you feel like me that this is actually an outrage, and a travesty of natural justice then perhaps you should sign Steve Greens petition to No 10 Here. I have.

It is disgraceful that a wonderful institution like Naomi house has to survive on charitable donations anyway. The fact that they were not immediately re-imbursed by the governemnt borders on criminal neglect. The fact that money can then be found for this pathetic propagandising piece of trash simply make me howl with rage.

All I can finally say is that if you feel that this is fair and reasonable behaviour by our bunch of ruling incompetents, then perhaps you should go forth and read a different blog.

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