An English Conspiracy

None of the main political parties have any interest in seeing a self reliant democracy flourish in England. They stonewall on the concept of an English Parliament. This is because, quite simply, it is not in their political interests to do otherwise.

This is where Billothewisp wishes to entangle you in a little conspiracy.

During election period the town centres and door-steps of England will be swamped by earnest zealots from the main parties all trying to cosy up to you to get your vote.

Lets say one of these zealots is a nice lady called Brenda.

Brenda knocks on your door and earnestly prods you like a bipedal cow to come round to vote for her Shining Path party.

Whatever you do, ensure she thinks you voted for her party last time. Give her the impression that you are planning on voting for them again.

Then, just as she is about to go away all satisfied and happy, tell her that while you are an avid supporter, you are concerned about the lack of representation for England. This might just cost them your vote.

As she turns back concerned for a wavering voter, mention the rumours you have heard about a new policy on England from another main party. Her face will drop. It will get reported back to the party office. Don't worry about the other party being as anti-English as Brenda's.

It is the rumour-mongering that counts.

Maybe if enough feedback returns to the spin doctors, then Brenda's party and its rivals may begin to grudgingly acknowledge the existence of England to try and garner these wavering votes.

Further more you may like to consider issuing a protest vote. There is little chance that an English Democrats MP would get elected at this point in time, but if you live in a solidly Labour, Conservative or Liberal seat then your vote will at least be a future thorn in the side for the England denialists. It won't make any difference to the election outcome in your seat anyway.

Thats Billothewisps scheme for a little light entertainment during election time. You never know, it might work and even if it doesn't it should prove entertaining.

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