While Billothewisp is hardly likely to go chucking scaffold poles through the windows of the town bank or lobbing petrol bombs into the local MacDonalds, he does think Globalisation is turning into a rampant monster that threatens the well being of people all over the world.

We STEAL medics and technicians from poor countries that can ill afford their loss. Meanwhile we fail dismally to train enough of our own. Large companies close down English factories so they can tart their wares from one poor country to the next seeking out the lowest regulation and outlay on local wages and taxes.

UK foreign aid and it's bloated guilt ridden budget is part of this monster. A enormous portion simply goes to service the whims and desires of corrupt elites both here and abroad.

But it doesn't have to be like this. Poor (and regrettibly totalitarian)  Cuba has a far more effective foreign aid policy than we have. There is also the prospect (lead by new technology) of  individuals actually bypassing the corrupt elites and arranging honourable loans and transactions with the people at the bottom of the pile by using micro-finance through organisations like Kiva

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