The Election That Never Was

From the news today here I gather that the Labour party spent 1.2 million on the election that never was in 2007

You must remember. It went something like:
Will he?
Won't he?
Yes he will!
Ah no! He's bottled out.

Oh, how that must hurt.

Not the lost £1.2 million silly.

After all our illustrious, benevolent and thrusting leaders haemorrhage away considerably more than that in governmental waste and excess in the blink of an eye. While the £1.2 million was Labour party funds, I do not expect they have much more respect for their own coffers than the nations.

But, had they called an election then, just after they removed Blair in 2007, there would have been a very good chance that Labour would have won.

As I remember, one rumour around at the time as to why our great and kind leader-in-chief Gordon “The Abyss” Brown did not want to call an election so early, was that if he lost then he would have gone down in history as having the shortest premiership in the history of the UK.

If Labour had called an election in 2007, in all likelyhood they would have won. In which case they would now have a couple of more years in office.

This may be one of those rare occasions where a politicians ego has done us all a big favour.

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