Old Gits and the Work Ethic

Billothewisp is a self confessed old git. Cantankerous, ugly, foul mouthed, grey and hairy. So why would any one ever want to give him a job? Let alone keep on after he he should have bee put out to grass. But, there is no sign of him chucking it in for some considerable time yet. Further more, he is not short of job offers either. By a fluke of luck, it now looks like he will not now be forced to retire when he reaches the exalted age of 65.

As you all know, Billothewisp is a trusting and loyal soul ready to doff his cap to the great good and extremely well fed whenever the situation arises. But he does have a somewhat cynical viewpoint on this latest jolly wheeze from Gordon “The Abyss” Brown and associates, to “allow” the over 65's to work on at their leisure.

Actually, (although it pains me to say this) for once I am in full agreement. I vigorously support the concept of people having a natural right to work and earn as long as they like. But I suspect that the hidden agenda behind this latest bit of spin is simply to try and and keep the tax revenues rolling in. At the same time it allows our defective government to let state pensions wither on the vine.

Cast your mind back ten years. Then, the concept of working beyond 65 was actually regarded as anti-social. It was considered as taking the jobs that should be occupied by young kids. Ironically this was being peddled at the same time as the current government was allowing mass uncontrolled immigration as part of its grand social engineering scheme.

So much for keeping jobs for the next generation.

Now of course, the country is engorged with millions of extra citizens to feed, house and service. To be fair, many immigrants should be welcomed as hard working citizens, and are eager to become British and contribute to our national identity. Regrettably though, there are also millions of others who belligerently claiming their “rights” while displaying open hostility to our national identity and culture. Also, the government lavishes nearly £8 billion a year on dubious foreign aid and probably the same again on assorted foreign adventures. Finally you can cap this with a benefit culture which has consigned millions more to idleness. You soon see why the government now needs the old to contribute to its tax revenues.

Billothewisp will take great joy in showing his grandchildren how to work with plane, lathe and oscilloscope. Like his children, he expects they will spend their lives working hard and contributing to our English culture and economy. The crime is that many millions of other kids will be jammed onto a corrosive lifestyle based on “rights” and “benefits” and will spend their lives locked into an underclass.

It is strange the way things develop. The government that bragged about its support for the old now raises the pension age and "allows" the old to work on beyond 65. These the very things they used to display such moral outrage about.

Actually, allowing people a natural right to work as long as they like is a good idea. Although this government arrived at this conclusion for all the wrong reasons.

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