Recession Ends - Official.

So, The magnificent, divine, economic genius who rules over us so magnificently and wisely has made our non country of England surge its way out of recession, while other countries can only watch in awe and envy.

Er, No.

Unfortunately a small reality check is needed. The cresting amounted to 0.1%. To get to that the Dear Leader has printed £200 billion, discounted VAT and avoided anything that might resemble the tough painful measures that are required to fix our broken economy.

VAT has now gone back up. While I suspect that Gordon “The Abyss” Brown would be more than willing to print another £200 billion, I think that even his dodgy colleagues might baulk at the prospect.

It looks like the economy is on a roller-coaster. The train is at the top of of a brow barely moving. I suspect it is about to move back on down. Lets hope that somebody (anybody) takes charge soon. Otherwise we are going to hit the buffers. At speed.

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