A Less Than Worrying Statistic.

I follow quite a few blogs. Left, Right, Pro AGW anti AGW, environmental, scientific, technological, engineering and some just because they are sheer entertainment.

One blog I follow is LabourList. While I am hardly a supporter of Gordon (“The Abyss”) Brown and his reluctant crew , LabourList does provide an alternative viewpoint, though often mixed with wishful thinking and assorted fairy stories, depending on the day.

Tonight though, LabourList provided me with a sizeable fit of hysterical laughing (OK it was probably all due to the cider).

I know laughing at other people problems is morally offensive and I am duly ashamed. But, in a post on their site about a poll to be published tomorrow, they highlight (in a state of horror) the following:

In a worrying statistic from the poll, 59% disagree with the statement "the Labour Party has the right ideas about how to get Britain out of recession".

It is almost Pythonesque. “We ARE the ULTIMATE government machine. (unfortunately most people think we are crap)” etc. etc.

Sorry. It was really was all the fault of the cider.

The Labour Party has been in office for 13 years. It is tired, divided and poisoned by its own failed social engineering schemes. Its economic management ability would disgrace the average 10 year old. So I celebrate the great British (nay English) public for their collective wisdom. See this post about the concept of collective wisdom.

Goodbye Gordon (“The Abyss”) Brown. Please call an early election.

So, why Gordon (“The Abyss”) Brown? I was rather taken by this poster on display here at on of the blogs I follow.

Within the poster next to an image of the prime minister is the phrase "Look into the Abyss and the Abyss looks into you" ( spooky eh?) So in true Neanderthal style I thought I would filch the rather aptly named “Abyss” and nail it to the prime architect of this shambles.

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