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After June 2016 I watched in mounting horror as Teresa May serially capitulated to the EU. I watched her cowardly car-crash negotiations while all around her the Remain cadre (the ones that really called the shots) undermined, sabotaged and in some cases outright betrayed their own country.

We were in the process of having the biggest political mandate in UK history flushed down the toilet.

I needed somewhere to go.

No mainstream party was viable. UKIP was broken and turning ugly.

All looked lost.

Then I saw a chink of light - an old friend from many years ago. The Social Democratic Party. They were at the time ( and arguably still are ) the only "sane" party offering a home to Brexit supporters like me.

I did something I have never done before in my life. I joined a political party. I became a member of the SDP.

The SDP is a small but nice party I remained a member up until November 2020. But then I decided to let my membership lapse. It was nothing they had done. They remain a small but nice party and I wish them well for the future, but I decided that I would like to reclaim my political neutrality. Maybe I'll rejoin one day. There is certainly no other party I feel orientated to enough to join. 

I remain though intrigued by the possibility offered by the bottom tier of UK government - The Parish/Town councils and how a party like the SDP or any other party for that matter could exploit it. (see some old SDP orientated posts below)

In my posts I'll try and be amusing while I try to make some salient points.

But sometimes I'm just angry. (Sorry)

I took a long break from blogging from roughly 2018 to mid 2019 so I'll draw a line between the modern stuff and the historical.

July 2020

Trump, Biden and Penalty Shoot-outs

November 2019
A short series each with an amateur analysis of the prospective vote share achievable by the SDP candidate standing in the 2019 General Election in the following seats

The SDP: 2019 Thirsk & Malton
The SDP: 2019 Tottenham
The SDP: 2019 Havant
The SDP: 2019 Epping Forest
The SDP: 2019 Cambridge
The SDP: 2019 Basildon& Billericay

Billothewisps SDP Attack Dog

October 2019

Crime and Contraception
Brexit and the Value of Voting

September 2019

Brexit Party & SDP. A Crazy Idea. But….
Parliament, MPs and a Betrayal of Democracy

July 2019

The EU Parliament: A Fake Democracy
An EU Presidential Election: One Candidate in a Secret Ballot

A short series on the potential for a small party (like the SDP) in the lower tiers of UK politics and how alliances and associations maybe the way to go

The Social Democratic Party - Where now? (one of six)
The SDP and the Brexit Party (two of six)
UK Local Politics and the Low Hanging Fruit (three of six)
Arming the Parish Councillors (four of six)
Parish Councillors: Party Affiliated? Or Independent? (five of six)
Parish Councils Are Dying. So What? (six of six)

----------------- The Line. Below this are older posts --------------------------

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