True Believers and Earthquakes

Now our true believers are blaming earthquakes on Global Warming. Not only that, but any other climatic abnormality is also up for grabs. See Green Fudge Post Here

This nonsense does a great disservice to Climate Science. It even maligns the average believer in AGW. But it also highlights what anyone questioning the science is up against. Essentially the science really doesn't matter any more. Now it is faith and conviction.

It might seem somewhat extreme to draw parallels to the Nazi's but the parallel exists. The whole basis of Nazism was a bogus but deeply held conviction of racial superiority. This was in turn was based on an unquestioned and extreme theory of Eugenics. Whether the Nazi's concept of Eugenics had any real scientific basis was totally irrelevant. After Hitler was in power the Science was Settled. The Germans were the Master race.

First of all I do not wish to insult Heidi, the author of the Green Fudge post. I expect she is an otherwise charming and kind person. But her blinkered unquestioning belief in what she has been told concerns me. A willingness to blame anything on Global Warming in order to support your belief is a step on the slippery slope.

Blaming earthquakes and random calamities on Global Warming and then by inference pointing the accusing finger at those who seek to challenge the concept of catastrophic global warming is worryingly reminiscent of how every problem/disaster/crime in Nazi Germany was placed at the feet of the Jews and political dissidents. We all know how that ended.

The Science is Never Settled.
Consensus must always be held up to scrutiny.
Questions must always be asked.
Criticism must always be allowed.
Data must always be available for analysis.

We ignore or forget these truths at our peril.

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