English Sour (and Fusion reactors).

Greetings my fellow sour faced cruel little English chums. Just for a moment, desist from sucking those lemons and stop poking the cat with that sharp stick. Read this this tale of woe regarding your non country of England. and fusion technology.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, our grubby little cancelled nation used to lead the world in technology. In association with the real nations surrounding its non borders the lot of humanity was improved and many great deeds were done.

Today things are different. Things are Global. Grubby little Englander projects are despised and insulted. Take this article in the Sunday Times

The article tells us that great leaps forward have been made in fusion technology. Some foolish little Englanders hope to build a fusion reactor at Didcot. This would be a major technological milestone in not just the un-history of our non-nation but would be of massive benefit to the world. But the Department of Energy and Climate Change has put them firmly in their place.

Brace yourself for the full force of their enthusiasm.

“This is something that we would look at as long as it is in the framework of a global project.”

They would look at.

As part of a global project


You may find that disgusting.


But our magnificent leaders have far far better things to spend our taxes on.

  • Well, like bankers bonuses for example.
  • Or first class railway travel, away from the grubby plebieans.
  • Don't forget the foreign aid for corrupt governments.
  • Or the Wars
  • Or the baled out banks (£400 billion wasn't it?)
Remember, that you, a member of the English riff-raff is now subsumed into the Great Global Oneness. Even the Brussels Elite take a back burner. There will be no more grand inventions or technological breakthroughs by this despised dismembered and regionalised non country. Thats official. A firm dead hand is to be applied to ensure that no dirty little Englander ever again gets to push the technological art forward.

Whenever you or your ruffian associates try to up the game, you can just watch the dead hand of of the hidden agenda descend on your craft and aspirations.

No parliament.
No representation.
No investment.
No progress.


You should be.

Now go back to poking the cat. And don't forget to suck those lemons dry.

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