Subliminal Propaganda

I awoke this morning to a set of adverts on the radio. Not nice at the best of times.

I counted. There were six.

Of these, four (yes four) were self promotional government propaganda.

Of the other two, one was for Vauxhall vans. (fair enough)

The other was for a foreign car manufacturer bragging about how you/he could extract £2000 of my taxes for your old banger.

One of the pieces of government propaganda one was actually repeated. Once at the beginning of the ad slot and once at the end.

How do these crooks get away with this?

This country is supposed to be broke and yet there is plenty of dosh floating around to buy the Labour party a little more subliminal promotion at our expense.

How much do they spend on this stuff? I know the grotty little global warming diatribe cost £6 million. I imagine this trite junk costs about the same.

Have we got money to burn?

There seems to have been a noticeable upturn in this dirty political self promotional rubbish. The government sponsored propaganda is everywhere. I do not know how to tap into this but there must be a way of seeing if this is (as I suspect) being ramped up as the election nears. Anyone know a way?

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