The Falklands: Time to Deal?

I suspect that this post is not going to be too popular. But I believe that the time has come for us to try and negotiate with the Argentinians and hopefully come to an amicable agreement over the the future of the Falkland Islands.

Politicians are the same the world over. Currently the Argentinian government is in trouble. As a result it is playing on the patriotism of the Argentinians and appealing to their sense of injustice over the Falklands. You could easily imagine Brown and his bunch of reprobates doing much the same if they had a chance.

In playing the Malvinas card, the Argentinian government is also attracting support from all the lunatics and psycho's that control much of South America. The ruling elites in Cuba and Venezuela are loving it and are keen to ramp up hostility. See This BBC report

It wrankles most Brits when foreigners start making demands, especially when they are backed by the likes of Castro and Chavez. But we must see the bigger game that the dictators are playing.

They win even if Argentina gets nowhere. They want to destabilise the new democracy on their doorstep. A successful democracy in Buenos Aires must be a real nightmare to the likes of Castro and Chavez. The Cuban and Venezuelan oligarchy are keen to exploit any division that may do down a fair democracy in Argentina. Then maybe they can expand their bankrupt Marxist ideology southward.

While we should never do deals with dictatorships or military juntas, we should always seek to deal with democracies. Even if it means meeting them half way.

A fair and accommodating solution could be found if there was a will to do so on both sides. But negotiation would have to be conducted without the drunken megaphone diplomacy that so pollutes Anglo-Argentinian relations in both directions.

There is potentially a great deal of wealth and resources available in and around the Falklands. Sharing it would cement democracy into Argentina. It would also make extracting that wealth much, much, easier for us as well.

A deal between honest democracies, before the harridans can pollute the agenda would guarantee the Islanders security for a far longer time than the current military solution.

Remember while East Falkland has a population of about 3000, West Falkland is essentially uninhabited. Would it be so terrible to accommodate decent democratic Argentinians with an honest and binding deal? Say splitting the Islands in two?

If we don't, we risk the unthinkable of a conflict between two democracies. If this catastrophe ever did happen you could guarantee Castro and Chavez would be happily gloating at our expense.

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