Submerged Optimism and
Ruined Hope

There are times when I really love the output of Labour spin doctors.

Here they are, Labours finest, facing potential oblivion and they still come out with preposterous concepts based on how wonderful they are.

Now they have decreed that the country is bathed in “Submerged Optimism” (see Guardian here)

Oh Joy.

Submerged optimism.

Like Submerged Ocean liner?
Submerged city?
Submerged Island?
Submerged swimmer?

When exactly does submerged turn into drowned? Murdered. Done away with. Ruined.

Lets try the last one. And substitute it in the spin.

“Ruined Optimism”. Oh yes. That sounds much more like the Brown Government.

The other great saviour they are looking to is Barack Obama and his electioneering approach with hard sell telephone polling.

Unfortunately they have forgotten that England is not America, and Gordon Brown is most certainly not Barack Obama

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