Weather Forecast 247% Accuracy

Dear ignored, unloved and forgotten Little Englander friends. As you may remember, this paltry old English serf made some detailed weather forecast predictions for 2010. If you remember (This Post Here) I used my neighbours entails as a rune (and not as a bungy cord as some have mischievously suggested).

Well, preliminary results for January are in.

I am proud to announce that Billothewisp has successfully forecast the weather for the whole of January.

Remember the prediction? “January would be cold”

How about that for hitting the nail on the head.

The best the Met Office could do was to predict we would be eating our new year lunches around the barbecue as we sunned ourselves in the back garden. All thanks to Global Warming (also known as Climate Change. But only when the weather is inclement)

So, all I can say to my friends at the Met Office (of whom I have none):

Read this and weep.

“January would be cold” That is 100% base line accuracy for you.

Now using standard statistical practice from the IPCC, I include the air travel enhancer multiplied by braking efficiency of a Toyota Prius.

I then divide by the honesty factor for the average Labour back-bencher.

You then get 181.763112 %.

Feed this through the Mann hockey stick data selection process and it comes to 247%

That is exactly 247%.

Not 246.73% or 242.56%

247% EXACTLY. I rest my case.

Perhaps the Met Office would care to flog off their expensive computers and borrow my neighbour. I am glad to say he is now out of hospital and his entrails were successfully re-installed. Although he views further disembowelments with trepidation, he is so sick of politically correct half truths from the amply fed and watered of our English non-nation, he is willing to go through it all again.

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