MPs Expenses: Another Outrage

You foolish little Englanders. So you thought that the Great and Good would have learned their lesson from the MPs expenses scandal.

You would have expected that they would refrain from sticking their noses in the trough. At least for a little while.

But you forgot that we are talking about the established order. The ruling elite.
Those who administer your taxes, decide on your laws and control your information.
The great ones who decide just what you can and cannot do.

You also forgot that this wonderful and magnificent grouping also extends to the Lords, Sirs and Dames. It includes those who are handsomely rewarded to investigate, query and administer the duck houses and porn movie rentals.

There are 646 MPs. From this report See Here, the new Parliamentary expenses watchdog is to have a staff of around 80 and cost £6.6 million. Just to cap it all, the honourable overseer of this, Sir Ian Kennedy, is paid £700 a day.

I'll just to show you the lay of the land here. This bastion of the establishment, this guardian of justice and fair play, Sir Ian Kennedy, recently claimed £15000 for taxi fares for travelling from home to work. See Here

Perhaps we need to appoint a watchdog to watch the expenses of the watchdog.

The cost of this new unbelievable gravy train bureaucratic outrage comes in at £10,500 per year per MP. Remember, that is simply to administer the expenses for these benevolent leaders of ours.

God knows how much it will all come to in total.

To me, it seems we have just added another layer of pig like troughing corruption and outrage onto the existing pestilence.

This is not the honesty and transparency we were promised. It is more like the barbarian ruling scum making sure their wealth, power and prosperity is maintained at our expense.

They are laughing at you. Mocking your fair mindedness. You, the peasants, the riff-raff, the plebs. You are derided and despised.

Am I just having a nightmare?

Have I lost contact with reality?

This new corpulent bureaucratic expenses fiddle simply cannot be true.

Can it?

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