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So, some of the troffers in the Commons have been charged. Three Labour MPs, one Conservative Lord. All with false accounting.

Let me just remind my poor putrid peasantry English brethren what false accounting means. False accounting involves fabrication of financial records. It is closely associated to similar crimes like forgery and deception. It is the type of crime committed by loan sharks, confidence tricksters, con artists and swindlers. It involves blatant bare faced deceit and an arrogant disregard for both the legal and moral fabric of our society.

It is one of those crimes that is often left undetected or difficult to prosecute. That is, unless those committing the crime are so brazen, so arrogant that they feel above the law. No doubt these champions of our democracy also consider themselves far, far, above you, my grubby Little Englander chums.

If there are four that have been charged, you can bet there were ten times that number where the evidence was not robust enough for charges to be brought.

I expect the toilet block at Westminster has had a lot of use lately as forty or so crooks have been wondering whether their little frauds and shenanigans will stand up to scrutiny.

There are undoubtedly many honest MPs. Regrettably, and just as certain, is that there are many crooks as well. Poisoning our democracy.

If any job should be done honestly and as a vocation, it is being an MP.

Today MPs are paid very well and their expenses are out of this world. Not many appear to be doing the job because of their beliefs.

The concept of being an MP to serve the community rather than a way of lining your pockets appears to have died a long time ago.

We need a return to politics based on honesty, concepts and ideology. We must move away from the ridiculous self serving expense and inflated salary culture that now infects our government.

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dazmando said...

These guys would not of gone to court if this scandle never broke. just think how wrong is that, Parliamentary privilege. These MP's have no idea what these means, it means you have privilege which is build from respect, this has been badly abused until such a thing should no longer exist.