Eight Million Reasons for Change

The polls have narrowed. The Conservative lead has been cut to 6 points. This would in all probability lead to a hung parliament. So why is this happening?

The issue here is not the dynamism of the Labour party. Irrespective of your political leaning, when you look at the Labour Party, what you see is divided, tired and direction-less. The only thing stopping another coup attempt against Brown is the nearness of the next election. They are currently beyond redemption and really, they are a bit like the proverbial dead man walking.

So why are they closing the gap?

The answer has to be the utterly lack-lustre performance of the Conservative party. They have failed completely to get across anything resembling a coherent set of policies. We have the utterly ludicrous commitment to maintaining the foreign aid budget. They have ring fenced “this” and ring fenced “that” and pandered to every fashionable diatribe imaginable. This is not leadership. It is simply dishing out the weasel words in the hope of election by default.

I am sorry if that sounds harsh.

I really, really, really do not want another five years of the rotting cadaver that is this present government.

But it has to be replaced with something that has something other than platitudes to offer the electorate. The only worthwhile thing so far that they have come up with is the idea of selling off the bank shares in a privatisation style sale.

While Osbourne's idea shows merit, there needs to be a raft of new thinking not just one plank.

If they were short of a few ideas and aspects of this failed government to emphasise they would only need to read the Sunday Times today. See Here.
  • 8 million “economically inactive”
  • 1.7 million new jobs created since 1997. 81% have gone to foreigners.
  • 20% companies now recruit overseas
Now add to that:
  • Stealing Medics from poor countries but cannot offer our own home trained medics jobs beyond their F2 year.
  • 3000 new criminal offences since 1997
  • The greatest divide between rich and poor since the 1930's
  • Open door immigration.
  • Poorly equipped military used to slake Labours thirst for war.
I could go on and on and on.

But all we hear from the Conservative Party is a mumbling set of fashionable greeny feel good statements.

So far Cameron has failed dismally to marshal both his thoughts and his support.

He needs to pull his finger out.

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