Amazing Radio

Even though it is Christmas day this has to be said.

Note: This has nothing to do with the amount of Old Speckled Hen that has been consumed.

Billothewisp has recieved a digital radio for Christmas and has had fun tuning it in while drinking his customary 10 litres of Old Speckled Hen before lunch ( a modest Neanderthal array of Chicken, Duck and assorted hamsters, puppies and fluffy kittens).

I found the usual shite BBC radio 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 closely followed by commercial "this" and commercial "that" all playing at least 2 toons per hour to interspace their interminable adverts for double glazing and constipation remedies.

Then I found it. I fell over. (nothing to do with the Old Speckled Hen I hasten to add).

It was, well, Amazing

A radio station called Amazing Radio in fact. (you can also listen to it on-line at the link)

Before you think this is some form of promo, I can assure you that BilloTheWisp has recieved no form of monetary, reciprocal, sexual or other favour, or any blackmail, bribery or threat to his person or property from the afore-said digital radio station known as "Amazing Radio" .

Neither has he been offered a peerage, or a seat on the board. Nor has he been given a baseball bat and the opportunity to spend five minutes in a small a room with Gordon Brown.

Amazing Radio works by playing the music of unsigned artists. It pays the bills by selling the music (they say 70% goes to the artist).

Imagine listening to the pure energy and power of the music off the first album of your favoutire band.

Remember the first time you heard that music. The tracks that stopped you dead. You had to ask you it was and then go out and buy the album yourself.

Amazing Radio is like that. Track after Track. OK some are just so-so but most are wonderful. But all have the raw energy and unbridled commitment of people who need to present their art.

That is it. A simple idea. No bloody Simon Cowells no rubbish politically correct self important shite like the BBC, just new fresh clean music.

But really, it is Amazing. Fantastic.

Now I need to get back to another bucket full of Old Speckled Hen and do some more listening to Amazing radio.
Merry Christmas

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