BBC Thief and Destroyer

I may be getting old and grey. But I still love artistic and technical innovation. Likewise I am always going to hate bloated corporate theft.

You may remember an earlier post praising the innovative radio station “Amazing Radio” Post Here

This small station only broadcasts unsigned musicians. The radio station is innovative and fresh, and so are the artists and the presenters. As with all things, some will be to your taste, other less so. That's what comes from innovation. It is a breathtakingly new approach. Especially when compared to the morally and artistically bankrupt self serving monoculture presented by the BBC.

You can find Amazing Radio on-line Here and also on DAB radio.

Now the ugly BBC has tried to steal the idea. (Guardian article here) This threatens the viability of Amazing radio.

This is not the first time this has happened.

In the broadcasting industry many small production companies have seen their niche overwhelmed by an intrusion by the BBC. The small companies have to make a profit. The BBC has money to burn. This arrogance has, at times, been so outrageous that even the supine BBC Trust has had to haul in the BBC. Although when it suites the BBC, the BBC Trust has simply been ignored. (see Guardian here)

The BBC was set up as a public service. But instead it now acts like the ugliest of corporate companies. It can snuff out any competitors by simply using its huge resources to destroy the competitors financial viability. It wealds massive political and economic control over our nation, where it should have none.

This ugly self serving monster must have its wings clipped. It is laughable to regard this demon as a public service. It is no longer under any form of impartial control and is acting like a state within a state.

The BBC is clearly an enemy of innovative companies like Amazing Radio. But today the mere presence of the BBC is now a major disincentive to new innovative production companies considering setting up in this country. They do not want to risk having their ideas poached by the monster in the wings.

It has now reached such a point that the self serving arrogance of the BBC, backed by its own compulsory poll tax, not only threatens independent innovation but threatens fair and diverse debate as well.

Today the BBC can only be regarded as an enemy of innovation and possibly of democracy itself.

It must be brought to account.

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