Its about GREED Not Green (Stupid)

Hat tip the S Margetson, a commentator on Times article here. Their comment was so good I nicked part of it for the title.

Previously in my posts about wind turbines I have made the badly wrong assumption that they only produced about a third of their rated power. (i.e. a capacity factor of 33%)

No chance. Not even close. Please accept my apologies.

At best look to about 25% more typically 15-22% BUT that is averaged over the whole year. So that will include times, when they are running well but nobody wants the power (like at night). It will include periods (like the recent winter) when there was virtually no wind for long periods.

If you look at the comment in the above article by Roger Young you will see that when we were in the depths of winter the actual out put of one wind farm approach 0.0%.
Chris Pavelly also makes some sharp observations on this farce in the Times article

The propaganda bullshit sprayed around by the blinkered supporters of these white elephants is simply based on wishful thinking. If they are allowed to keep on driving this nonsense forward we will end up with insufficient and unaffordable energy supply. Then there will be a cold snap and people will die.

These things are unreliable ugly and economically unviable. They are merely fashion extras for a morally bankrupt government and a ruthlessly greedy utility sector.

It is time we learned the lesson. Stop this ridiculous waste of money and resources now. Otherwise we will end up in real trouble, without enough real generating capability.

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