English Railways and English Taxes

It was enchanting to hear that our Scottish cousins, particularly those in the SNP are keen to get a high speed rail link extended into Scotland. (See BBC Article Here)

Evidently such a link would reduce the journey time between London and Edinburgh to three hours. Although, to me, this seems rather counter-intuitive. Why would Scottish Nationalists wish to be closer to London?

But never mind.

One day soon, as many Scots desire, Scotland may become an independent country.

Maybe then the non country of England will also get its own parliament. Strange as it may seem, this English parliament would be primarily concerned with English issues. Including English infrastructure projects and English taxes.

Of course the Scottish parliament would in turn be responsible for Scottish infrastructure projects and Scottish taxes.

Anyway should this all happen, I hope that tradition will dictate that we, the grubby despised Little Englanders will extend the hand of friendship and camaraderie to our noble Scottish cousins.

Yes! We will help build the rail link all the way up to Edinburgh.

Immediately after the cheque has cleared.

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