Cuts for the Old. Foreign Aid Ring Fenced

I cannot believe this. Our political leaders have all queued up to emphasise how they are going to ring fence foreign aid. Now Clegg wants to cut winter fuel payments to the over 60's. See BBC news report here

I must be missing something here. Who comes first? British people at the end of their working lives or foreign governments?

Most of the aid recipients are massively corrupt. Others like India and China are running huge budget surpluses. They have the money, but they choose not to spend it on their poor. They let us do it instead.

I appreciate that the winter fuel payments for the under 65's may have to go due to the catastrophic economic situation we are in, but surely at least some of the £8 billion foreign aid budget should go first.

If you want to see why people in this ruined little land of ours cannot be bothered to vote then this must be a iconic example.

With this we see our political leaders displaying exactly how unimportant they regard the common people in this country. They seem all yearn to strut about on the World stage showing how generous and globalised they are, while their own people can go to hell.

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Anonymous said...

I agree entirely with your comments.
It is insane to be giving aid to countries such as China, India and other corrupt nations with incompetent governments.