The Edge Of Space

Doesn't it just make your heart sing when you hear about someone like Rob Harrison with his high altitude balloon project featured in the Telegraph here.

Essentially this guy has waved two fingers at the "can't do" "shan't do" culture that infests our broken little land, and has gone on to produce something quite spectacular.

And all for 500 quid.

Today he has NASA calling and is something of an international celebrity.

I bet the control freaks who feast off the bureaucracy that usually stifles such endevour are blowing blood vessels.

All I can say is: Well done mate! Excellent!

There are others who are also breaking the mould and pushing the edge. See Here for another HAB (High altitude balloon) group that has some spectacular results.

Up and down the country there is an army of grubby little English engineers, in their sheds, plotting against the dead hand of state lethargy that infects these shores.

Not everyone gets to break the mould like Rob, but you can guarantee that his success will inspire others to even greater feats.

If anything will dig this country out of the morass it has got itself into, it is barnstorming technical invention.

Each spectacular achievement is a hammer blow against the current English mind set of apathy and technological despair.

Maybe each industrious little shed in this country should have a new plaque on its door.

“The Recovery Starts Here”

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circus monkey said...

Nice to come across a blog written by a close relative. Can you also do tricks? Hope you are right about the recovery. Best Wishes.