The Liberals New Secret Weapon

Thingy, who runs the Liberal Doo-Dahs along with his dad (the old bald bloke who acts as their treasury spokesman) has a secret weapon.

In these days of dull self-serving politicians, the Liberals have now have something very different. A real vote winning candidate with extensive experience in a popular area of the media.

Her name is Anna Arrowsmith a 38 year old film maker. She is their candidate in Gravesham in Kent. (See Mirror Here) and (See Times Here)

The secret weapon in the Liberals armoury is Ms Arrowsmiths particular area of media expertise.

Low budget pornography.

We can all imagine how politically disinterested young men will be particularly enthralled by Ms Arrowsmiths offerings. If she was put in charge of the Liberal party propaganda machine then they would be unassailable.

Maybe if the Liberals exploit this new area of expertise, others will be forced to follow. Perhaps we could watch the Labour party doing to each other what they have been doing to the country for the last 13 years.

Truly, Party political broadcasts would never be the same again.

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