Financial Honesty from David Cameron

The Conservative party are to outline their strategy to tackle the immense debt before the election. See Guardian here

Financially this country is screwed. It is going to take a lot of pain and suffering to get things back from the precipice.

David Cameron is going to tell us what he is going to do, whereas today, the odious Ed balls was prattling on about flushing even more cash down the toilet.

I hope Cameron doesn't spare us the gruesome details. It is important that folk know how bad things are.

If as a consequence of this honesty the electorate sticks its head in the sand and votes for Brown and his cronies then they/we deserve the consequences of our democracy.

It would be far, far better in the long term for this country for Cameron to lose honestly than to win (or even worse nearly win) on a fudge.

So I hope for all of us that Cameron really does lay it on the line.

Tell it like it is Dave. Someone has to be honest and do the right thing.

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