Exploiting the Public Purse

So, you thought the MP's expenses scandal was bad? Forget it. It was mere trivia.

You were appalled by cash for honours? Believe me. It was just a set of grubby little deals.

If you really want to see an appalling and exploitative manipulation of public funds for party political advantage, if you want to see a cynical theft of public money to engorge a corrupt ruling elite, see this Telegraph article here.

The Telegraph describes the devious circular transfer of funds from the public purse to Unite and then to the Labour party's coffers. It calls it money-laundering and that is not far from the truth. Whatever way you look at it, it can be barely legal and is an appalling indictment of this corrupt politburo that controls our sinking economy.

People who indulge in such appalling manipulation of public funds for their own benefit have no place in government. It is time for them to be booted out.

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Dioclese said...

Like your style - we seem to think along the same lines!
How sad is that?