The Problem with True Believers

Today, although it will make no difference to the true believers, "Watts Up With That" have published another rather damning piece on IPCC data.

Anthony Watts is a skeptic, not a denier. There is a very important difference. I wont bother expounding on the difference here. Most non lunatics will know what it is.

Humanity has always had a taste for Catastrophe. There have always been those hyped up on imminent end-of-the-world hysteria. You can try to rationalise with the true believers, but you usually end up being regarded as "the enemy" or as a denier or heretic.

Take a look back through history. You will not be able to count all the victims. There are simply too many.

Lets hope the climate change devotees do not decide that "for the good of humanity" a few car bombs or assasinations will help the cause. I bet some are dreaming about it already.

Far fetched? Just look at the lunatics in Animal Rights, Baader-Meinhoff, Angry Brigade, Shining Path, IRA, UDA etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum, ad infinitum. All with an unshakeable certainty to their moral crusade. All keen to add a little power and meaning to their wretched little lives.

The problem with the true believers is that to them, the science is not only "settled" it is now also unimportant. The important part to the true believers is that the IPCC have justified them doing just about anything to "Save the Planet". Once justified, nothing else then matters.

The lunatics can now freely indulge in a fashionable orgy of bigotry. Even if the CRU came up and publicly changed their minds, it would be too late to stop them now.

You know the chant. "The science is settled". The science is NEVER settled. That is any science not just Climate science. But do not try telling that to the average zealot.

Personally, I suspect that the CRU climatologists have found some data that shows the earth is warming up. One possibility of this, is due to man made CO2. But in order to get attention and the associated finance, they overstated their case. Spiced it up a little, pandered to the nutters.

Now they have the nutters on board and it is going to be very difficult to progress their argument in a scientific manner.

This is all a big shame.

Now that power has been ceded to the lunatics, Climate Science will be damaged for years. Global warming or not, we are all losers

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