John Redwood: On The Nail

Until now I have never really paid much attention to John Redwood.

But Blimey! The bloke has some breath-takingly incisive comment on his blog.

It is really good to see someone from high office who actually seems to understand the need to actually “make things” here in England.

As a couple of examples:

First off, take this post from last year on the banks versus manufacturing (particularly the motor industry). He asks why should we give huge subsidies to the banks and yet be effectively banned from any form of support for manufacturing? He points out subsidies are generally a bad thing-including banks.

The second post I highlight is a lament for the disinterest most of the political elite have for anything that involves producing goods. See here
For all the fine politicians words about manufacturing, government often does not want industry.

And that really is hitting the nail squarely on the head.

He also gives the banks a good hammering in his recent posts.

Great stuff.

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