Economists: Cut Deficit NOW!
Brown: Mumble. Mmmmm

According to 20 leading world economists, the Labour party lacks a credible plan to deal with the huge deficit. (See Here)

Well, knock me down with a feather duster.

I thought this was such a strong economy that:

We are in a better position than most of our competitors.

Who was it that said that again? Some weepy Scottish bloke if I remember. Previously referred to here as “The Abyss” mainly due to his financial skills (of which he has none).

So, what are the prospects of someone (anyone) in this government sitting up and saying:

“These blokes think we have got it wrong.”
“They are 20 of the most influential economists in the world. We need to look at this again urgently!”.

Dream On.

The actual response from the Treasury was that it had already outlined a detailed strategy for cutting the deficit.

I do not know.
I must have missed it.

The chances of Gordon Brown and cohorts doing anything to prevent further financial haemorrhage before the next election is nil. The chances of them doing anything with any sense of urgency even after winning an election is pretty low. Basically all the options left to recover the economy are going to affect their sacred cows and their power base.

We are already barrelling down the same road as the PIIGs (Portugal, Ireland, Italy & Greece). If Labour got re-elected then this would simply continue. But unlike the PIIGs, we would not have the Germans to dig us out of the shite.

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