Arrogance and Parliamentary Privilege.

So the troffers that have been charged with false accounting are looking to use Parliamentary Privilege as a defence. We have Cameron declaring himself “disgusted” while Thingy, the leader of the Liberal Doo-Dahs reckons the public will be “appalled”. (See Here)

Actually, I have to inform our mighty and benign leaders that the poor old plebeian English riff-raff are pretty appalled and disgusted already.

It is all strangely quiet from the divine leader Gordon “The Abyss” Brown. Then again, the three MPs so far charged are (or were) members of his party.

Besides, I do not think Uncle Gordo really considers the concerns of the grubby and unwashed of England worthy of his time. He has much more important world-wide grandstanding to do.

Parliamentary Privilege is one of those concepts that make many people very uneasy (including yours truly). Arguably, it is necessary to protect the rights of elected representatives to speak freely. It ensures they are unfettered of the risk of being sued by the rich and powerful. But it is also vitally important no-one is considered above the law.

Unless it is kept under close control, Parliamentary Privilege can take us down a very dark and ugly path.

If these troffers get away with this, and use Parliamentary Privilege as their defence, then we become little better than Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

No one should be above the law.

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marksany said...

It's as if this whole expenses debacle was created to bring the 1689 bill of rights into disrupute.