Snog Marry Avoid

OK, I admit it. Its a fair cop.

I watch “Snog Marry Avoid”. I find it entertaining and mildly amusing.

There I've said it.

Now I will have to live with the shame.

It's on BBC 3 on Thursday night. Basically it takes two or three twenty-something women who have, to say the least, lost control of their urge to wear make-up.

The essence of the program revolves around giving each girl a make-under.

This involves wiping off the tango coloured fake tan, removing the bizarre piercings and generally turning them into natural English beauties.

It is entertaining and has a feel-good factor. But, while it is a valid piece of entertainment, should this be really be funded by a compulsory tax (aka the television licence) just to pad out the listings on underwatched BBC 3?

If there are places for programs like “Snog Marry Avoid” (and there are) why can these not be financed by either adverts or subscription?

Anyway, while I have to pay to keep the wealthy BBC elite in the style and comfort they have become accustomed to, I will continue to watch "Snog Marry Avoid".

In fact, if the glorious day ever comes where the BBC are brought to heel I will miss “Snog Marry Avoid”. But at least my basic freedom of choosing what pay to watch will be restored, and the BBC will be forced to return to true public service broadcasting.

I imagine the “Snog Marry Avoid” format would migrate to its proper place on a pay-to-view or advert supported channel.

Even then I would probably continue in my shame and watch and enjoy “Snog Marry Avoid”. It is just so, tackily good!

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