More Money for Scotland
Say the Liberals

News from the Liberal Doo-Dahs suggest more money should be spent on Scotland. As you may remember, the Liberals, are led by .. Er, Um...Thingy.

That is the infinitely forgettable young suit who, with his dad, rules over our Mung bean eating friends in the Liberal Thingy-whatists.

A brief diversion from the topic of this post follows, as I try to remember his name. Avoid as you wish.

---diversion starts here---

But what is his name? Something to do with Christmas as I recall. Rudolph? Santa? No.
Something about hell also breaks into my memory. Daemon? No? Nick? Yes!

Its Nick!

As in old Nick or St. Nick!!

But Nick What?

Ah Yes! Its Nick Griffin!

But no. No. That's not right. Same sort of meaningless drivel but he is more nasty and less woolly than our Liberal Doo-Dah Friend.

A derogatory electronics term comes to mind: Kludge. Yes that's describes the Liberal ping-pongs.
Nick Kludge, Klodge,Kleege, Cleege, Clegg. Clegg!

Its Clegg!

Nick Clegg Rules over the non-carnivorous plant hugging Liberal-wot-sits

But never mind he is not the point of concern about this post.

---diversion ends here---

The report concerning more money for Scotland is in this BBC report here.

It looks like another of the Liberal Bing-Bongs wants to spend even more money on our Scottish brethren. This is despite the Scottish being given 117% of the funding per head of the English riff-raff. Courtesy of the Barnett formula.

Of course this unfairness does not really matter. The English have no parliament or representation so how are they going to complain?

As one of the unrepresented English riff-raff may I suggest to my ruffian English colleagues that they give our erstwhile and ferociously sincere Liberal bing-bongs a piece of their mind. They could do this while being door-stepped during the coming electioneering.

One topic for discussion may be the selective amnesia the bing-bongs have concerning the financial and electoral injustice done us sour faced cruel little Englanders.

Remind them how close they have come to political oblivion in the past.

Then further remind them that the ugly and despised English have long political memories. Especially about those who have swindled them out of their fair share of resources in order to buy votes and toady up to others in our Island.

I expect their eyes will glaze over and you, my English barbarian associates, will be regarded as assorted forms of lunatic. But never mind.

Unlike Thingy and the rest of the Liberal Ding-Dongs, English democracy has a future.

Why has this country of ours been so badly treated? Why have the English become the despised whipping boys and cash cows for the rest of these islands?

When they have to answer such questions, then maybe our lettuce crunching friends in the Liberal flip-flops may get the idea that each part of these island deserve the same representation, financial allocation and fair play.

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