Gas Price Cuts:
It Must Be Spring!

Billothewisp suspects our great and illustrious masters have much more pressing problems than worrying how much the plebs get ripped off by gas companies. After all winter is now nearly at an end and there is an election in the air.

Funny though it may seem, those wonderfully honest and non exploitative gas companies are all announcing cuts to the price of their gas, just as the daffodils start to poke their little yellow heads up through the frost. (See Here)

What a wonderful surprise for the general riff-raff who have been hammered by massive and unwarranted bills over the last six months.

What a coincidence though that the cheap gas will only come on tap as the temperature rises and the demand goes down. Such a pity for the average peasant who just won't need the gas, just as the price becomes less expensive..

Only a cynic would guess that the closeness of spring and summer could be the driving force for the downturn in the price. Only an even bigger cynic might well suspect the prices will go back up again come October, just as the demand rises.

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