A Scottish Debate – In England

Billothewisp has been drinking too much cider. He is annoyed. My apologies to my fellow ugly, sour faced, little Englanders..

But what the hell is going on?

Here I am, sitting in the middle of rural Dorset in the non country of England listening to a Scottish debate on the coming election. (BBC News channel)

A similar debate will not occur for my non country. No parliament. No assembly. No representation.

There will be no English debate. England has been abolished. At least in the minds of those who seek its demise.

So then, even by the ruling elites corrupt standards, where is the missing, bastardised regionalism?

So where are (at least) the Regional debates? Tell me. I want to know.

The ugly brutalised dissection of England into a set of regions was supposed to mirror the other countries within these islands.

So then: Where are the regional debates?

We have a Scottish debate, a Welsh debate, a Northern Ireland debate.

At least, where is the Northumbrian debate? The Wessex debate?

Of course they will never happen.

The truth is that there are no regional debates because publicising the false regional dissection of England would risk questioning English identity. Likewise there will be no English debate because that would destroy the grand regionalism master-plan.

England and the English are patient and tolerant.

But there are limits to everything. To put it mildly.

This is unfair.

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SJNM said...

Interesting post (I know, I'm commenting on a five year old post - I hope you don't mind).

You ask some very interesting question which I think expose the hypocrisy of the British political parties in their attitude towards England.

There are times when irony and sarcasm are the only way to expose the hypocrisy and stupidity of others. With his in mind I have started my own blog in which I take the "England doesn't exist" idea and run with it. Don't worry - it's all satire!

Here's a link to a post I wrote in the run-up to the recent Scottish referendum. http://englanddoesntexist.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/let-scots-decide.html