An Intermittent Posting

 After saying goodbye followed by hello again on several occasions I've decided to use this holding post to indicate that there's nothing much new around here right now.

If you don't see this post as the front page to the blog then there's new stuff. But as you are seeing it right now, (and unless you've already scrolled down to get to it) then there's nothing new.

So there you go. See this post as the front page - then the blog is dormant. Don't see it - then read on! 

I'll leave the blog up in either case as some folk still read the older posts.

I may be back. But then.... maybe I won't.

Love & kisses



Anonymous said...

What about the recent government decision to build or install 16 SMRs around the UK? Hardly anything in the press.

Anonymous said...

From the Infinergy(windfarm company) website; “ Alaska Wind Farm LLP, a joint venture between Infinergy and Holme Estate, have acquired four refurbished Vestas V80 2MW wind turbines from Business In Wind for the operational sand and gravel extraction site Masters Quarry near Wareham in Purbeck, Dorset. The wind farm gained planning consent in 2012.

The turbines’ tower components are currently being transported from Belgium, where they have been operational for 10 years, to the Dorset site. The towers will be stored on site until further works commence from early 2022. Turbine installation is expected to take place in the Summer with the wind farm fully operational by Autumn 2022.

Once operational, the wind farm is expected to generate approximately 18.15 GWh of renewable electricity per annum to the local grid network, enough to meet the annual electricity demand of just over 5,000 homes each year.
Alaska Wind Farm represents a £9m investment.

10 year old used turbines!!!